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    I posted a comment reference to being sent to a DR to see if I was depressed etc!! Well, they had already sent me to a DR for medical reasons and I had to go for X-rays. I was turned down even though the the SS Doc agreed I had Fibro! But I could still do something and that I had NO depression. Well, I filled an appeal and I am one 17 meds most for depression, panic disorder and I hate or shall I say cannot leave my house without fear! Long story short the DR I went to yesterday- his wife has FIBRO SO BAD that she is bed bond! So HE really said he understood and after I could not remember hardy anything and he said I see that you were limping coming in today he offered alot of good advice! He said that my age would only be the factor. I am 40!!!! I have a huge medical list of issues plus now I am having surgery Monday the 22 nd for two masses Female stuff- or maybe a hysterctomy I willknow more tomorrow. So I am waiting and I cannot wait to see what they use to turn me down this time! But I was very pleased with the DR! GOD was looking out for me! So thank you to everyone with advice! And GOD BLESS!

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