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    Thanks for the replies I got regarding my EVIL VICODIN post. I see my doctor THIS MONDAY to discuss this. I'm beginning to think that maybe right now, steroids would be the answer, at least for a week, tapering dose.

    On the good side - I've decided to start making some changes in my life. I got myself off of caffeine. I've made some small changes in my diet (more whole fruits and veggies), that will hopefully turn into bigger changes down the road. I've started parking my car at work further from the building. I've started doing Yoga tapes. I started doing positive imagry. I started listening to Joyce Meyers CDs, a Christian preacher, on my way to work everyday. I remind myself of all of the positive aspects of my life - each and everyday, especially when the times get tough. I am seeking out new, more positive friendships.

    I have been looking into natural foods. I am now supplementing with a product called "superfood". It is not the greatest, but, I sprinkle a little bit on all of my food all day and by the end of the day, I should have the right dose - which provides a megaboost of vitamins and minerals - naturally.

    And - in the end - if all of this DOESN'T WORK, it didn't hurt me now, did it??? Good luck to me!! I'll keep ya'll posted!