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    Wanted to tell you all thanks so so much for the prayers for wanting to start the group/ministry within my church for the chronically ill and people in chronic pain.

    He approved it! He is purchasing the start up kit thats involved with it! He said it came at a perfect time. There are some more individuals within the church that also want to begin some ministries also in different areas. We are all having a meeting in a couple weeks! One of the other miinistries is Christian Counseling!

    It was easier than thought to talk about it all with my Pastor. It came out so easily. Other outreach programs I want to start..Within the group/ministry are things like Medication help, a lunch meal program delivered to the homebound, doing errands for the sick like some housework, cutting grasss. Setting up a program so that the people who are so sick get prayer/phone calls several times a week. I explained how isolated we feel at times, homebound, and love to hear from others on the outside, makes us feel like we belong more so. I keep coming up with more ideas. Writing alot and planning.

    I hope this idea, project..Well gift of mine grows and grows and becomes something beautiful.


    Thanks again everyone for the prayer! I feel Joy. Havn't felt this much Joy in sooo long!

  2. Sunshyne1027

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    I will definitely keep all informed, looking forward to the next meeting in November. The first bible study is called
    "When Chronic Pain Enters Your Life"..Can't wait! Looking forward to recieving the materials the Pastor ordered for us too.

    I was looking at a prayer board earlier today while waiting for the meeting with the Pastor. You can post on pieces of paper about people needing prayer, or yourself needing prayer. I could not believe how many..Well most of them are from people and for those who are sick. There were at the least 15 with some form of cancer. My husband and I were talking too, during some previous Sunday services when the topic was people suffering, and those suffering and wishing prayer were called forward..There were soooo many!

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    What an awesome thing you got started. I wish my church had something like that. I`m praying that our Lord will bless this project and let it flourish.

    Best wishes,
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    I am so glad that the Lord blessed you with your group ministry! I know that He will bless you in starting up the other programs too. I too wish that our area had group ministries like that around here! Like Debbie, I am anxious for you to share some of the info with us.