Thanks for advice re doc appt/student loan forgiveness

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by AuntTammie, Apr 15, 2010.

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    To everyone who gave me ideas of how to approach my Dr re filling out and signing forms related to student loans, thank you so much! I basically filled everything out myself ahead of time and wrote up something explaining what a typical day/night are like for me (& how actually typical is not really accurate bc the only thing I can count on is unpredictability)....also included the Canadian diagnostic criteria, to show just how many symptoms I have from the CFS alone.....and I actually have several different diagnoses at this point (7 of which are considered disabling, and the remaining 8 exacerbate the first 7....yes I have 15 diagnoses - yikes!)

    He did not want to sign the forms at first, as I was afraid, but I emphasized how completely screwed I will be if I have to try to pay the loans, and that I truly want to work, and that I also have not given up on hoping that someday I will get better, but that at this point, there is just no way.

    HE SIGNED!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!

    So, now I just have to hope & pray that the people who review them will agree, but I think based on everything that had to go on them and the fact that he did sign, they should get, they are only approved on a conditional/probationary type of thing anyway - I have to be unable to work for three yrs from the day they were signed before they will be completely forgiven
  2. Janalynn

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    You made it past the first hurdle, which I know you were concerned about, so that is just wonderful!

    Now give your mind a little break for a moment before moving forward - just a small 'sigh'.

    I truly hope that everything works out for you, in every way that you hope for!


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