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    I thank you for your posts and all the nice comments you have sent me this past week. With my husband being so sick and then in the Hospital and in the ICU was a strain on me. Our hospitals ICU is about a foot ball feild away from the front entrance. I have walked far too much but then I had no choice but to walk. I didn't want to ask for a wheel chair and to have some one take time out of what they should be doing just to wheel me up to the third floor and off to the ICU.

    So now I am paying for this walking and I didn't know that sore tharoats came with over ding it. But for some reason I have the worst sore throat today and my chest has some pressure in it. LIke some one is sitting on my chest. But I always get this ? what ever it is every year and when it hits I get the sore thraot and dry hacking cough that will hit in spasams that will last for as long as a few moments to 20 minutes.

    And they I won't could for hours so it is really hard to get control of this cough. But I am not likeing this sore throat or the head ache and and my evey achey muscles and joints from walking to much.

    This was not to be about me whinning about how I feel but about the posts that you sent to me. I really needed to hear from you and to know that I was not nuts when my husband was biting my head off for no real reason execpt for the fact that he has diebeties and when his sugar is high or low his mood changes and either way I am the one that gets how he feels about every thing thrown at me.
    I have been yelled at for things I have not done this week Like telling his friends that I couod not go to see hima s they were kicking me out ? Where that one came from is up in the air.
    HE has made up all sorts of things about why he is so nice to his friends and so cranky with me. I told his friends that he was the one who was sending me home because it would bug him to have me there doing nothing but sitting there.

    HE was sleeping most of the fist day and when I was there he would try to stay awake and talk about this to me. And I finally said I was going home and let him rest and he pops off with it is about time you went home I don't need a baby sitter here I can't leave even though I want to as I have so many IV's in me that i can't move.

    To the family that called he was cranky and would complaing about having to stay there and with his friends it was ok but he was always so much more polite with them than family.

    But i am thankful that he is home and cranky becasue I can always go in to another room and not listen to him gripe about things.
    But tonight he asked me if i would clean the kitchen later today and then said if I didn't feel good that I didn'tneed to do it and I should just rest and get feeling better and that was such a change that i am still shocked.

    He has several times asked me if I was ok and how I was feeling. I have lost my voice and he is hard of hearing to I am trying to talk to him and he can't hear me so I have had to write what I say to him.

    But he is worried about me and my sickness getting worse. HE knows that when I get stressed I get sick and can get really ill. This would happen yars ago when he would stay out all night drunk and I would not know who or where he was and before you knew it I was really sick.... And it is still that way now.And I don't like this.

    He told me that i need to go to bed and get some sleep but as soon as I lay down I start to snore and h e wakes me up to tell me that i am snoring. And I don't have the energy to make up the bed upstairs to sleep in to let him rest better. So he is just stuck with me tonight.

    So I am going to go to bed now and try to sleep ,. I do thank you for all your kind words and thoughts. I really needed some one who understands how it feels to have fibro and CMP and have a loved one sick and in the hospital. It is so stressfull that it makes me sick too.
    Thank for for letting me whine complain and gripe about all of this stuff. It helped me more than you will know.
    HUGS to all,

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