Thanks for imputs, I had an eye opener today!

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    Thanks to all of you who answered my post about how to get through to your doctor. His staff is still hard to deal with. I had a rude awakening today. My pharmacist suggested that I speak directly to the doctor, and mentioned that doctors are supposed to be the ones who write out the prescriptions. Well, that is not what I had observed. In this office the doctor does write out some of the prescriptions, but the nurse also writes some of them out, and he signs them. The fact that 4 of my perscriptions were wrong, leads me to believe that my records are wrong, and that is really dangerous. Anyway, I phoned the office today and asked to leave my number so that the Dr. could phone me at his convenience. I was told absolutely not. No one can speak to the doctor without first asking the nurse to handle the question. A letter is my next try, but I feel now, becaue of what I learned today, that I need to try to find a new doctor. Afer all though he is nice, he knows nothing abut CFIDS/Fibro and never addresses it. This is going to be really hard, because there are so few up here who are open minded enough to respect the herbal and supplement therapy I have been on (All alternative dotors have been drummed out of my town and the neighboring one). I hate interviewing a doctor and going from office to office saying:"Thank you, I can see you are not the doctor for me". Yet, I must trust and do my best. I am determined not to live in fear. I have to believe that I will find what I need.
    Thank you all for your generous and helpful answers. I appreciate you more than you can imagine. Hugs. Terry
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