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    Thanks for all good info on how to get rid of the white tongue problem. I will try all the suggestions. I am very persistent when problems arise. I hadn't thought of emptying caps of acidoph. or saccromy. boulardi on my tongue, or alternatiing the herbals. I think I may need the diflucan which I avoid but I hate it when this problem gets worse. Thanks again.
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    I tried an RX for diflucan, I now call it Diflucan't. It helped a little, but the nystatin - pediatric suspension worked much better. You can chew the Nystatin tablets, but the aftertaste is bad.
    My fatigue doc said, "No you don't want to do that".

    Pediatric suspension means liquid that has some sugar and flavors. Dr. William Crook says it important to start at the mouth with yeasts in his book: The Yeast Connection. I'm sure Amazon has it.

    I'm curious, do you also have "leaky gut syndrome"? (Rather long list of food allergies). My allergies to dairy and eggs has improved with yeast treatment.
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    I wouldn't recommend opening the s.boulardii into your mouth. Not only does it taste disgusting (like SOUR milk!) but it primariily needs to be in your gut.

    Some doctors recommend using a non-alcoholic mouthwash (kills everything) then opening the probiotic onto the tongue to replenish the good bacteria while the yeast levels are down. It's moderately effective.

    I don't enjoy Diflucan either but yeast is nothing to mess around with--the longer it stays the more problems it can cause. Good luck, again. =)