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  1. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    My husband just took her to the hospital for rectal bleeding. She's been going through a lot recently with a cataract operation, and a UTI. She is 92 years old, and is pretty spunky.

    Please pray that the Dr.'s will diagnose properly, and God will help and comfort her.

    Thank you so much, my dear, good friends!

    Love, Judy
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  2. jole

    jole Member

    At 92, I certainly hope it's nothing serious, and will definitely say a prayer that Jesus is with not only her, but all who play any part in her diagnosis and care. She must be very worried, and at that age being in the hospital is never a restful place to be.

    Praying for acceptance of God's will, and for caring, understanding hospital staff to see her through. Her spunk is in her favor...........:) May God in His goodness and love be with you all...... Take care.........Jole
  3. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Thank you for your prayers! She had a diagnosis from the hospital that it was a UTI, and has an appt. for tomorrow with a gyn. to confirm that. She's home now - came home late last night.

    She astonishes me that she still takes the shuttle bus around the corner, and does a little shopping, even though my husband takes her once a week. She lives nearby us.

    Will let you know how her appt. goes. I'm hoping it's just a UTI.

    Love, Judy
  4. jole

    jole Member

    Thanks for the update. She sounds like my mother. At 86 she was still going strong. Much more active than driving, belonged to the Red Hat club, galavanting all over the place! She actually started the Red Hat Club in that town, and hand-picked the 14 members.

    I was so proud of her...4 were good friends of hers, one was the doctor who was from another country, and the rest were widow ladies who had no friends (or very few). It was her way of getting them out of their homes and meeting new people. They also traveled to other Red Hat Clubs in surrounding towns.

    At her funeral, one section of the church was filled with all these women wearing red hats! I saw them and broke down really bad! It was an amazing sight to know she'd touched so many, and so many had touched her!

    Anyway, It's great that your MIL can still do for herself. She is blessed not only with a strong body, but also a strong spirit! Yes, I would love an update. Hope she continues to do well....

    Continued prayers.....Jole
  5. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    Grateful she is home from the hospital and hoping her doctor at the office visit can help her through this and she continues keeping her spirits up. She sounds like the Everready Bunny.
  6. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Thank you for your prayers, dear friends!

    The gyn. could not find the source of the bleeding, so is sending her to a gastroentoligist. My husband just told me. I feel so bad that she has to go through this. Thank God we're nearby, and my DH can take care of her.

    So, please continue praying for her. I appreciate it so much. Also, I'm praying for my husband's relationship with his mother. It was not a close one when he was growing up - a lot of problem's there.

    I'm praying that God would use this time to heal their relationship. She is unreasonably angry with him a lot, no matter what he does. And he's shocked when she thanks him for anything.

    I'm asking for God's powerful grace at this time! All kinds of healing needed.

    JOLE - I've read some books on a group of 'Red Hats' in South Carolina. I had thought it was a Southern thing - had never heard of it before. I love your story of all the women wearing their Red Hats in love and tribute to your Mom. Wow - she really blossomed after many hardships in life. Something to be really proud of!!!

    RAIN - so looking forward to checking up on our Mighty Chick news. I look forward to those reports so much - it is such a captivating story, like TwoCats said. I feel the same way.

    TwoCats - thank you for your prayers. Yes, my MIL has way more energy then I do! She even does her own cooking. It's kind of sinking in now that they don't know what's causing this bleeding. Scary.

    Well, I'm gathering my energy for my therapy appt. tonight. I can only manage to go twice a month now - just don't have the strength for more. But will make the best of it.

    Love, Judy
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Prayers going out for your dear MIL..yes, she does sound like quite a gal! I should be
    so active at that age! With both my parents passing on at 60 and 65; Im awed when
    I hear of such active old people in thier 80's, 90s!!!

    I hope you yourself are also doing well...

    God Bless
  8. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Jam - thank you for your kind, healing thoughts. My MIL is doing better. She's home - saw her PC, and he felt there wasn't any need for further tests right now. I'm relieved, but we'll still stay attentive to any other symptoms she may have.

    Both of your parents lived into their 90's! 97 - that's rare, I think. I guess your father would have outlived his friends and perhaps much of his family. That's so hard.

    My husband asked me to thank everybody for their prayers, and healing thoughts sent. He was very touched. He knows also how much everyone on this board means to me.

    My own Grandmother lived to be 92. She was a deeply loving woman, and we were very close, right up to the end. She was still reading her favorite books, and I used to read out-loud to her, and care for her beautiful window garden. I am so thankful to have had her in my life!

    Springwater - here you are again! Have been missing reading about your doings on the Porch. So glad you got through your festival time well.

    I've been doing pretty well. I seem to be going through a time where I am able to put together more closely my spiritual practices and my psychological healing. It seems when I lead with my faith, putting that love first - I can find a greater integration.

    Just lately I've gone through a barrage of PTSD severe symptoms. Just using all my energy and skills to get through each time.

    I somehow came to the point in prayer of a deep acceptance of my life - sufferings and joys. Somehow this acceptance, this letting go - this willingness to know that I've tried my best to heal, but I believe certain symptoms will be with me for life.

    However - I came to an understanding and choice to be aware that God is in my everday circumstances - with me, working out his loving transformation in me. Eventually, all for the good.

    These words are so tepid in attempting to explain one of the most important changes of perception I've ever had. I know that your faith brings meaning and purpose to your experiences and life also.

    I just saw my therapist last night, and it was excellent. She is such a very rare healer - a psychologist, but one with such huge generosity, and deep caring. So, I am moving forward still with my healing.

    Sending blessings and prayers to Nepal - to Kathmandu - to you and your family.

    Love, Judy
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Happy to hear the update..and of the improvement.

    Encouraging also to learn of your progress and of your wonderful therapist.
    May her kind flourish and multiply.

    I guess we all struggle with some challenges in our journey towards healing.

    Recently as i was lying in bed, and thinking of the earthquakes and tsunamis
    and the havoc it may have caused, and also of my own struggles, a thought
    came to me....they tell us Jesus died for our sins, they tell us Buddha left
    his princely life because he couldnt take the suffering he saw around him
    and sought a way to free us of this. Surely, what they did, didnt go in vain?
    Surely their sacrifices mean we are worthy? Surely there is meaning in life
    and as you said there is a purpose to it the end, a good one.

    I just lay there and thought about the good being done in the world, the
    rich nations giving aid to the poor, the animal activists who try and see
    that animals dont suffer, the teachers who go into slums to try and
    educate the children there, the man in Pakistan who tries to free bonded
    labourers with the help of NGOs, the brave women in Afghanistan who
    defy Taliban threats and teach school to girls, the vet doctor in Thailand
    who goes around darting stray dogs and injecting them with rabies vaccine,
    the Indian man who loads his van with milk and bread every morning and
    drives off to feed stray dogs....the salon owner lady in Pakistan who only hires
    disfigured girls to cut hair and do treatments, (they have been victims of
    acid attacks by their men folk)...thinking of these and oh so many other
    good people restores my faith in humanity and the world when i am feeling
    down and losing faith.

    Oh, before i forget, i have to tell you that the knee joint pain and leg pain
    seems to have disappeared! I have been applying lavendar massage oil
    and drinking green tea.


    I love butterflies....and i am sure your abode houses plenty of them, fluttering
    around in that wonderful expanse that is your home..where you live and lovingly
    tend to your garden and vegetables and all manner of green things and your
    little creatures.

    God Bless

  10. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    It was so surprising that you said that you could see butterflies all around me. One of the main images that I've painted, drawn, and written about for so many years has been cocoons, or cocoon-like enclosed spaces.

    So your seeing of butterflies surrounding me was such a joyful image. I hope it's a premonition!

    Maybe there will be certain PTSD limitations that I will never be able to change. My everyday life is very small - with dealing with such small amounts of energy also.

    But I find so many interesting things that surround and enter my world, that I can explore. Close, long friendships, my husband's paintings and entering his work in quite a few shows this year. Always, always, always there is beauty to be found somewhere. Maybe these valuable things are the butterflies that surround me.

  11. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I'm glad your MIL is home. Hopefully it was just random and she'll be back to her spirited self again.

    Butterflies are something so special. As a child I always saw "eyes" on their wings. Later as I child I was told that some of that may have to do with scaring predators away. I don't know but it was so neat to be looking at those butterflies and having those "eyes' looking back.

    The botanical garden near us always has a spring event with so many live butterflies flying all around and I hope I'll be able to see it this year as I was always down sick when it happened before. But this year I want to see those beautiful butterflies.
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  12. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Spring, I've been laughing so much at your Led Zeppelin improvisation of Julie's 'Stairway to Nowhere'. That was hysterical! I'm still chuckling whenever I remember it. What you can do with words!!!

    I have so many more thoughts to express, but not enough energy. I wish I could send them all to you by telepathy! I've had to be mostly in bed for a week - no strength, but my mind continues in reverie of the last thoughts you expressed, and so many things that I want to say.

    Mainly - I believe that no holiness, no goodness is ever lost. The news doesn't report the thousands of things everyday -small and large acts of caring for each other. Of the hearts that grow in their love of the Divine. Of all the beauty in the world. I believe that the Divine is faithful in helping us through every suffering and joy to become more, to become complete, and happy and holy.

    I think the root word for holy is 'whole'.

    It's a richness and a privelege to see the goodness, the compassion, the striving towards enlightenment, freedom from ego-domination, that I see in you and Rafiki. The desire for 'all sentient beings' to be well. I love that phrase!

    Our sufferings will someday be over. I sometimes think that the goal in reincarnation for purification is similar to the goal of purgatory that many Christians believe in.

    Well, my musing just wound down.

    Sending loving thoughts and prayers for you and your family,
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  13. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Butterflies! Rainbow - you must have psychic abilities to receive images in that way. Angels - our guardians, messengers of God. I have read so many things that have fired my imagination -in the Bible, and in books like C.S. Lewis' space trilogy.

    'Out of the Silent Planet', and 'Perelandra' are wonderful.

    Have you ever read 'Tobit'? It's a book in the Catholic bible that tells a story about the angel Raphael and a terrible demon. It's even got a wonderful dog in it. It was retold by a brilliant writer, Frederick Buechner. Something like 'On the Road with the Angel'. (Have to re-check the title.)

    Sending love to MCL and his pals. Saw his little tail feathers, but not the crown ones. It's so deeply satisfying to see how you enter the world of your creatures - that's the way it should be in the world! I wish the Native Americans were in charge of caring for the animals and the land!!! I've thought that for decades - we need that union-unity back. Not feeling superior, or indifferent.

    How's little Beanie doing? What color is he?

    TwoCats - Your botanical place is somewhere I would love to go and explore too. I'm so hoping you get there in the Spring. Wow - I wonder how many kinds of butterflies they have there. Sending regards to Shelby and Cesar.

    Love, Judy

  14. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Thanks for your encouraging words! It gave me a boost to hear your 'Mighty Well'.

    I think our journeys are the process where we are growing, and learning. Shaping and becoming.

    But I also so look forward to the future where complete unity is attained.

    But yes, we must attend to the presence - to love and care for all those around us.

    I love your gift of empathy - it's an amazing one.

    How did you learn to care so well for your creatures and land?

    I once saw a show on the long, arduous journey of the Monarch butterflies that you had mentioned. It was astonishing that such fragile creatures could actually do this. So glad you planted the flowers or herbs that they need.

    Hope MCL is thriving. Going to check out SJ's thread.

  15. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    The last I heard she was sent home and would be having some tests. How is she doing and how did she do with the tests? I don't mean to be prying, but have been waiting for the latest.
  16. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Thank you for your kindness and concern.

    All the tests are good on that problem she was having. She recently had a cataract operation, which she recuperated from well.

    She has way more energy than I do - gets around to the bank, picks out her own fruits and vegetables - very important for an Italian. :) She goes on the shuttle bus.

    Then my husband does her big shopping, and takes her for her Dr. visits.

    I am so glad that your cataract operation worked out well! I love to read your descriptions of flaming bushes, beautiful trees, and lizards.

    Love, Judy

  17. TwoCatDoctors

    TwoCatDoctors New Member

    I am so glad to know that your mother-in-law is doing so well. That certainly makes me feel better and I kept wanting to ask, but kept wondering if you didn't update because things had gone wrong. Thanks for providing the good news and I like it when things turn out so well and you have good news to tell us.

    I am one of those people that notice the gorgious flowers and blooming bushes and trees all around, the birds singing like they are performing opera and of course the lizard family that lives out back. I am so grateful that I have seen all of these as I enjoy them so much and they all put such a smile on my face.

    The other day I passed a church that had a cross out front in some big heavy stone, but then below it had tons of beautiful blooming yellow flowers. The flowers just brought out the beautiful cross and made it a lovely scene to look at. I don't think I ever noticed it before until this sea of beautiful flowers were placed below it and then it certainly caught my eye and it was so vibrant and it made the cross come alive with such beauty.
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