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    My Vocational Rehab counselor hired on a job placement agency, and they work with companies on hiring on a temp to perm.. for people with disabilities. I start week after next working for a exploratory science museum. Alot of kids go there on field trips, its hard to explain what sort of place it is. I will work office/clerical. They will evaluate how I perform on the job, along with the fibro. Working part time at first, then see how I can handle full time. I get paid minimum wage during the trial period also.

    I get a discount on bus fare, through my counselor for depression, so decided to take a bus to work and back, the bus stop is a block, and goes straight to where I work pretty much..

    I am soo happy, just wanted to share it with you all.

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    Things will work out just fine for you. God's Blessings to you from the Wisconsin shores pf Lake Michigan - and a beautiful day we are having!