thanks for prayers.

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    thanks everyone for prayers and words of faith.
    My son got home last night about 1;00 in the morning.
    so now I can relax some what.
    my daughter and her hubby and Grandson are in tenn.until wed.and my sister is also there. seeing her new great Granddaughter,s for the first time.
    Maybe travel makes me so nervous because I know I just can"t do it anymore.
    I"m lucky to ride 2 hrs and I just can"t sleep,any where but my bed.and most of the time not to well there.
    its cold and we're having snow flurries ,what a Easter.but at least we're not having flooding. sixtyslady
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    their all suppose to get home this Wed.
    my daughter is picking my sister up in nashville and giving her a ride home.
    more dreary weather this morning,this winter has just got me down,we did have one nice day last week,thursday it was in the 50.s and felt like spring,but it was short lived.
    I think the aches and pains are just worse when the weather is damp and cold.
    My tulips are up hope this cold weather doesn"t ruin them.

    have a good one,sixtyslady