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    I really appreciate it. My mom is the main person who looks after my well being. She was even the one who tried to get me back in school. The main reason why she failed was because most of my doctors were DUMB and the others that understood everything...the teachers paid them no mind. The school board heard my Mom's pleas but they did'nt really pay her anymind either. My Dad is a very stubbern person. He sees what he wants to see. I don't MIND doing chores around the house it's just that my sister has issues too and sometimes she can't do it either. (She's been having problems with her asthma) So my dad looks at me, my sister and I as lazy slobs. He claims that I mess things up and don't clean up witch is not entirly true. There's times where...I leave no evidence that I've left my room at all and he just doesn't notice or cares. My mom would tell him off when he starts yelling at us and calling us names...but he either has something messed up to say or he ignores her. My mom is getting really annoyed with him. I don't even see why he's being so cruel to us anyway. Sure I understand that he's stressed out because I'm sick, my Mom's sick, my sister's been having trouble with asthma, my grandma is now living with us because of her....desieas. (I can't remember what it's called!) I understand that and I don't nag him about anything or get on his nerves because of that but he's still being a jerk. I don't try to tell him anything anymore. I just say 'Okay' and if I can't do what he asks I just don't do it. My mom told me that I should start defending myself but I'm too much of a chicken to do so..sometimes anyway. No he doesn't hit me...he just gives me stupid punishments for stupid reasons. I admit sometimes when he's being mean I pick at him and call him names...mainly to calm myself and try not to lose my mind and cuss him out. I love my dad....he just has some major issues. I like the advice you guys gave me...and some of the things you've suggested my mom has already tried. I do plan to get my GED as soon as I'm 18 I just don't know if I'll be in my familie's house hold or not.
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    There were many people who gave you a lot of good advice on your original thread. (Note: more people would have noticed it if you have typed this thank you on that same thread!)

    I hope you can follow some of that advice sometime.

    I am really happy that you do play on getting your GED soon.

    I hope you can tolerate your father until you do move out and have some other type of living arrangnements.

    I hate it for you that you have to live like you do. He sounds as if he really does have some issues that he needs to get addressed. But it certainly would be hard for you to tell him that!!

    Good luck to you, my dear. We are always hear for you if you need us.

    Much love,

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