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    Thank for all for you quick responses full of encouragement. It's nice to know there are other people that feel this way. One of my co-workers actually said to me the other day "It sounds like you just really want something to be wrong with you" when I told her I had to go back to the dr later that day. Someone mentioned going to a dr that specializes in CFS, what type of dr would that be? So far I have seen an internist; hemotologist (I also have a mild bleeding disorder); a few psychiatrists (one of them actually tried to tell me that i had bipolar disorder because I couldn't focus or think clearly. I told him I wish I was bipolar because then I would probably have more energy); and now I am seeing a family practioner. On the question about my thyroid improving with Synthroid - yes it did, very much. When I was first diagnosed as hypothyroid my TSH level was 34!! Last test showed it down to 1.85. T3 and T4 levels also within normal range. My dr did just prescribe Cytomel to take in addition to the Synthroid - he said he has had some patients with normal levels benefit from the extra T3.
    Denise - you mentioned that you have tried Provigal and Ritalin both. How did you fare with the Ritalin? I have been nervous about asking for it because of it's addictive tendancies. Did you find that the Provigal became less affective over time? I started off taking 1 a day and feeling great and now I am at 4 a day just so that I can make it until I get home from work.

    Thanks again to everyone,
    Adrienne (my oldest daughter's name is Skylar Rose, hence the RoseSky user id)
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    rhuematologist but some people see nuerologists, internists, etc. What really matters is does the dr. treat CFS patients? Find one that does. Fibro and CFS are treated as auto-immune disorders like arthritis and rheumatologists deal with that but not all rhuematologists deal with fibro or cfs. You might start there and try to find one that treats cfs. (I think I'm rambeling - sorry)
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    I am treated by a rheumy. I not only see her but also her nurse practitioner. I thank God every day for them. They specialize in FM/CFS. I think you need to make sure that whatever doc you choose to see does specialize in this feild.

    Good luck
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    We all agree with you that at times it does seem like we want somnething to be wrong with us...."A name to put to how we feel". It is very hard for us while we are waiting for a diagnosis because we feel like crap and some docs tend to tell many that it is "in their heads". Well we all know that our symtoms are not in our heads. I guess if we had Cancer...we would get more respect by some...and we would at least know what we had. When I was finally diagnosed with CFIDS/Fibro I was relieved that I finally had a name to put to the cause of my symptoms. Please hang in there and remove anything negative from your life...including people that will not even try to understand your condition. We are here to help you...cause we know how you feel. When others doubt you...we will understand you!!!! Love, Hippen
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    I would have liked to. That's like my psychiatrist (former) saying 'if you can get here, you can get the energy to do everything else'. I noticed very little affect from the Provigil and Ritalin. I did see an improvement with the Adderal (sp?) but I was up to seven pills a day and the cons outwayed the pros. I understand not wanting to ask for this type of drug, but I also understand being desperate for anything that will help. I remember thinking, before I tried these prescriptions and before I knew what was wrong with me, "Gee, I wish I knew some criminals or had the guts to get speed on the street". Awful, I know, but that's how frantic you get. Anyway, it has been my experience that the amphetamines don't provide a lasting solution. To me, they worked for a bit until my body got used to them and then I could sleep right through them. I wish I had a more hopeful answer for you, but everybody is differnt, too. I did resort to taking one or two when I tried going back to work and felt like I was going to fall asleep or just couldn't think clearly, but still just a short term solution. Hopefully you'll have better results,

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    Most doctors who specialize in CFS are internists/GPs or Family Practice. You can click on the Doctor Referral link above, or contact your local CFIDS Assoc chapter for names.

    I haven't tried Provigil, but I tried Ritalin. It maybe helped me last longer at a 4-month work attempt than I otherwise might have, but it took me at least 6 months to recover. (I was on the Ritalin for only 6 weeks.) It's also possible that Ritalin and other stimulants can cause brain damage (though Provigil apparently works on a different area of the brain so it doesn't apply). But I think if it gives you the quality of life you want, it's your decision to make. The Library article that discusses it is: "Paul Cheney, M.D., on SSRIs and Stimulants for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Frying the Brain?"