Thanks for the post to tell my anesthesiologist I had FM!

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    A while ago I read a post saying that if you go under general anesthesia,tell your anesthesiologist you have FM. I am having surgery soon, and I told the doc on the phone. He said it was something he DEFINITELY needed to know (due to various drugs they would therefore tend to avoid)

    I would never have even thought to mention it were it not for this board.

    I really really appreciate the things I read here. Who knows what kind mess that little tidbit of information saved me from!

    On a similar note - they are using a cocaine product (seriously) as a local anesthetic and as an anti-bleeding (don't know whatever the medical term is) agent. Has anyone had experience with this? It scares me a little. I am super sensitive to stimulants - I will talk to the doc but I think it's just a local thing....who knows though if it can get in your blood and wake you up during the operation??

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    I posted info awhile back on this. I believe the anesthesia I had during gallbladder surgery
    did a huge number on my body. I didn't know about
    the anesthesia at the time.

    I, did, however, give my surgeon info and quite frankly,
    I know I kind of scared him! LOL Do you have that
    info as well? I think I have it in my computer. Let me
    look: I can't find it. I know where it is online and will
    go and get it for you.

    Be right back.

    I found it but it is too long to post for you.
    Do a search on Devin Starlanyl and look
    at the section on info for doctors. She has
    info for all kinds of drs. that you can give
    to them.

    I see she has added quite a few!
    I need to get those as well.
    If you have trouble, email me.[This Message was Edited on 06/10/2003]
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    My younger daughter had her tonsils removed when she was 21. She hemorraged seven times and we would end up taking her to the ER each time. Once, they put cocaine on a long Q-tip and swabbed the area which was bleeding. It didn't stimulate her at all. In fact, her pupils dialated, she smiled, and just felt happy and peaceful.

    I did tell the anesthetist about my illnesses and that anesthesia makes me nauseated. He adjusted my cocktail, as they call it, and everything went just fine.

    Love, Mikie
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    you find out how ignorant you really are! LOL

    It never would have occurred to me to mention that; in fact I am now wondering if the FM had anything to do with my reactions to anesthesia, including the fact that it took nearly a year for me to feel *normal* again after having general.