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    Thank you too all who prayed for us in this court battle we are going thru. It has been hard on all of us but I think more on dd who feels guilty for all this coming about. Of course the ex doesnt feel any guilt at all - he thinks what he did wasnt wrong and cant see how much this is upsetting someone he thinks he loves - she cries the whole time we are in court every time.

    We went to court yesterday for the violation of restraining order on dd's ex boyfriend. Since he was in juvenile hall for violation of another court order they had to bring him in to the court in hadcuffs and ankle cuffs. Of course dd started crying at that site.

    So the judge gave this boy 5 more days in juvie for soemthing else and then asked us if we still wanted to pursue the restraining order as permanent and we said yes to that.

    The ex has decided to fight the restraing order so itr has been continued until May 25, partly because I bvelieve the judge thinks that the ex will say something this Thurs that may get him in more trouble for the violation of the order on us.

    So dh and I have to be in court and testify on Thurs (luckily dd is going to be in counseling at the time so she wont have to be there) for the violation of the protection order. Lucklily we documented everything that was said in the phone calls and toimes and numbers the calls came from. I also have letters this boy wrote to dd that have info in them the prosecutor wants to see before court. (Regarding threats with guns).

    Thanks again for your prayers. ~ Toni

    I never realized how long and drawn out this process is. It is very demanding on every aspect of our lives, emotionally, physically, everything.

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    My mind isn't sharp right now and I got a bit lost in the details of the story, but my prayers for a positive ending. You must be exhausted and aggravated and a bunch of other adjectives. I ask the good Lord to hold you up in this time of need, and for those involved.

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