Thanks for the Prayers! Update on Tom (Sat. update at end)

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  1. Harmony

    Harmony New Member

    Thank you all for the prayers and encouraging words. It has been so comforting to me to know I have you all here and that you care.

    It is looking better for Tom, praise the Lord!
    If he had not gone to the hospital yesterday, he might not have made it any longer but now the Dr. is giving him hope and says he is going to be OK. I was there until late last night and there was a problem getting a room for him. He was in the ER for the whole day with oxygen and IV's. He is in a room now and they did a lung biopsy this morning on the spots on his lung. The Dr. is reasonably sure it is not cancer so that is good. They are going to do a lot more tests today and need to determine why the anemia is so bad. I feel a lot of his problems is all the medication the Dr.'s kept giving him, one on top of another. The hospital Dr. even thought that he was taking too much and too much of the wrong thing. But, I am feeling much more encouraged now, even though I know he has a long road ahead. At least he is being taken care of, finally. We are putting our trust in the Lord and know he is going to work things out according to His perfect will. I don't know what I'd do without the Lord and friends like you all.

    I am continuing to pray for you all!
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  2. Shirl

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    Harmony, have been watching the board all day for this news.

    I am so very happy to hear that he is doing better and is given hope too.

    I will continue to pray for Tom earnestly untill he is out of harms way completely.

    God bless, and I do so thank the Lord for this news of your brother along with your thanks to our Lord.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. Harmony

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    Just thought I'd fill you in on how Tom is since you've been praying for him.

    We still don't know what the underlying cause is. We won't know what the results of the lung biopsy is for a couple of days. He is receiving full strength oxygen through the mask and bag and we are praying that works well enough so he doesn't have to have the tube. They added the bag last night because it wasn't enough without it. He still needs to eat. They are trying to bring him the foods he likes but its hard to eat when you can't breathe.

    I wanted to spend the night with him since they had a cot in the room but they said I couldn't use the bathroom in the room and had to go way down the hall in the night/morning. I knew that would be difficult for me but wanted to anyway, but my sister stepped in and insisted on staying. She is very healthy. He wanted someone to stay with him, so I'm glad he had her there. Although I feel bad I couldn't stay. I am the oldest of 7 kids and he is the youngest. Our problem is, he is having too many visitors and although he wants visitors, he needs to sleep.

    Thanks for the prayers!

    Love, Harmony
  4. Shirl

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    Listen, if Tom is having problems eating, try malts, or Ensure, the Ensure Plus is full of vitamins and minerals and will keep his strength up.

    Also chicken soup, just the broth, it is very nourishing and he can drink it.

    Please be sure to get something in him as for food, even if its baby food! The junior size tastes good, and goes down easy.

    I had pneumonia, and thats what pulled me through. I couldn't breath either.

    Take care of yourself too, and know that I am praying all the time for Tom. He is closer to my heart than you know! I will tell you the story after Tom is well again. Plus my favorite sons name is Tom, so is my only grandson.

    Be sure to get food in him, its vital.

    Shalom, Shirl