thanks for the replies, my location is

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    I am from toledo,ohio, I do take anti depressants, but finding out that they just aren't working. I go to the pchy. doc tommorrow. I hope to get help there for the depresssion. I know that the cold weather, doesn't help the fibro. and it has been bitter cold. what doesn't help wearing a winter coat is a killer for me. well i am glad i came back to this sight. Thanks to all for the responses. Becca
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    I didn't see your other post, but hope you can get some help with your depression. I live just over the state line in Michigan-about 45 minutes from you.

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    might be the best thing you can do for your depression. Ive been depressed my whole life and when I got fibro, I felt worthless and useless, especially when I had to leave work. I started seeing a psychologist last yr and it helped soooo much. He listens and tells me what he thinks and has helped me to understand that I do matter and I have a new life now. Not worse, but different.

    Best of luck, let us know how it goes....

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    I am so glad you made a good move.

    Like you, I saw a 'psych' doc many years ago when the Fibromyalgia hit.

    I only needed a few sessions, but I suppose it helped.

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    Hi, I live about an hour south of Toledo. If you are in need of a good doctor to treat CFS and Fibro. Let me know. My doctor is in Norwalk. take care.