Thanks for the replies ..out of the ocean, now floating in space

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    Thank you everyone who showed such gracious support after my mini-rant on here.

    Today I feel worse. It started with a burning/knifing pain in left hip where I have bursitis which didn't allow me to move, change sides, get of the bed. After knocking half the contents off my nightstand my partner woke up and helped me. I iced it the rest of the night and then overslept this morning. I came in to work to everyone saying "you look awful" which is probably true because I feel awful. Today's not the pain so much as the crushing fatigue. I feel like I'm walking through space, not really able to get on a train of thought, much less stay on one. MY hands have a slight shakiness to them, and I'm experience periodic muscle jerks at random points. Oh, and let's not forget the mini-black outs where I feel like I'm actually talking with someone and then realize they're not there. My boss told me to go home, so I'm doing it and going to bed. Anyone else feel this way. When this kind of crushing fatigue hits what can/do you do about it. Each day more and more of the rope falls away and all I want to do is lay down in a dark room where it is quiet and light and stimuli free and just relax.

    Sorry again for the long post, but this is theraputic in a way.

    Thanks everyone for your support.



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