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    I just wanted to thank everyone for the help and info you all gave me. I swear i thought I was alone on the weight gain in my abdomen and breast. NOw I wish we could figure out what to do about it. it really is scary when you can't control what is going on in your body. It just seems to me it all started with the Zoloft, and I am stuck with it because of the anxiety, lack of concentration as well as the hives and itching I suffer with without the Zoloft.
    I am going to school to become a medical assistant now as well. When you have this going on along with menapause( I am 52) it is hard enough without all the extra medical problems.
    I hope if anyone has any ideas that you will share. I am open to anything at this point.
    Thank you all again and I will pray for you all. God Bless and take care, Cya Joy