Thanks for the response about the Pain Spec!

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    It is amazing that there is so much pain to deal with and these doctors are concerned about "Big Brother" watching. I hope this doc will help me out. I will bring a list of what y'all mentioned in your responses as options. I DO recall last summer when this doc was giving me spinal epidurals for what he was CERTAIN was a disc prob. he made a comment about "people have to learn they can live life without being on vicodin..." er something like, "living life on vicodin isn't how they have to live" So, I am a little leary about going back to this guy, even though we now know we are dealing with something totally different. So, thanks again, THANK goodness I was able to call my primary doc and he prescribed me some vicodin for the interim until I go see the pain guy. I'll let ya know what comes up, or, what goes down.