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    It is great to be able to come to this board and hear of others feeling the same as you do. Have just come home from some shopping (about hour ago ) and had the shakes,sweats, yawns etc. I will fill you in more as I "talk" to you all, but have Type 2 Diabetes and thought I was having mini-hypos when this sort of thing was happening. Couldn't work it out as blood sugar readings were within range. Now we know. Feel so many of the things others talk about and it makes me feel "normal" again instead of wondering what is going on.Was on Zoloft to help with aches and pains and sleep, the depression you feel too of course, but it reacted with me. Gave me headaches, and a terrible feeling of apprehension so am on nothing at present while that leaves my system. Makes everything feel worse just now. Other than that I am just on pain killers. Don't know if anti-inflammitories are supposed to help but I have an ulcer from taking too many of those after a road accident in 1983 and so can't take them any more. Not even the newer ones.Have had this DD for more than 3 years. Dr I was seeing just wasn't interested in what I was trying to tell him. Nor were a lot of other people around me. Didn't tell new Dr a great deal of how I felt initially because of this. Just thought I was loosing it, but have now been through the MRIs,X Rays, Scans, Blood Tests etc and it seems the FMS has been a thought for a while.This Dr has been great as we have checked everything out. I do have a Disc problem in lower back and Osteo Arthritis so that wears me down anyway. Just a question. I get pain in the neck and groin glands. Is this part of FM or does it lean more to CFS. Really hurts by the end of the day when I am tired. Just for your information, I live in Victoria, right by the Murray River which borders New South Wales here in Australia. Is nice to see some others from Oz on the board.

    ((((((((((hugs)))))))) to all. Ozgran.