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    I saw the doctor today and talked with him about the bill and he called one of this office girls in and had her give a message adn a note to the billing people that they are not usuing the correct codes and to fix it rebill it to the insurance and make sure that they pay attentionto the code that is uesed by the doctor and if it happens again to just tell him andhe iwll call her and talk with he about how he wants this billed.

    I am going to go in and talk to this biling perosen and tell her that I am paid in full & I do not owe anything more she can discuss this with the doctor if she has a problem. And if I have one i will talk to her supervisor too and get things fixed.

    I tripped on the carpet and was falling so I reaaached out and put my left hand on the foot stool of the golder rocker { it rocks to} so I really pulled themuscles in my shoulder and upper arm, I can't remeber the exact word taht he called this but he said that is would hurt like H#$% and it does.

    So I am not to lift at all , get someone ele to vaccum for me and to take the muscle relaxants when I should not waint for bed time to take them. IT was a good visit and I got alot of things off my mind adn I did tell him how I feel and how this billing company that he hired to do the billing is making alot of mistakes adn he needs to check it out before things get out of hand because i am not he only one who has complaints about them.

    I thought that I had doen all I needed to today and get the right recipets for the hubby but when I got home I didn't have the date of service on teh receipt. IT had todays date on the top of the page but it needed to say that I was seen today and this amount was what I paid today. And since I didn't ahve it done like he wanted he had a fit and got really cranky aboaut it and was doown right rude with me and I was in tears about it , I know tha tmy husband is under alot of stress from his job but i am getting tired of feeling like i am walking on thin ice and i am going to fall through and drown.

    I just can't take this feeling that becaues he is not eating right { he is diebtic} and is workng to many hours and not gettting enough fluid that it is my fault and I am not respondsibel for the stress he has at work but I feel like I am becasue he feels that he has to have a job that pays $XX.00 so we can pay the co-pay for my pain doctor and for my meds every month and for his diebetic things he needs.

    I felt to night like i was the most worthless wife there was. I did not ever do any thing right for him. I feel like I am respondsible for his happiness and his feeling that I love him and respect im and that I wil do all I can to help him. But when I was crying my daughter came up to me adn started to tease me and she said " Dad is sick and he is tired " And I said "so am I" But what I hvae between the fibro and CMP they are not REAL and the other things well other people have arthritis in their knees adn don't walk and limp like you do to get attention, and you were up doing things with Grandma yesterday so I don't know why your so tired today . YOu know if you would just go to bed eariler and stay there all night and not get up you would feel better. What am I doing wrong. Why won't they listen and understand that I am sick too and I hurt and I am not a drug addict , just because I have some meds left over from last month when I didn't hurt so much I am not stashing them so I can take more than i need. I know what I need to take andhow much works . Husbands and kids don't I don't tell husband how muchof his insulin to take so why does he feel like he has to tell me that i am taking toomuch of my pain meds?

    Sorry I dont' mean to be so gripy about this I am just so tired and in pain . So me and my achey breachy body are going to go to bed now after we take our night time meds.
    Thanks for listening to me whine.
    HUGS, Rosemarie
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    I am working on telling the girls that it is not acceptable to have them talk rudley to me, and I will not listent to them even if it means that I will walk away from them. I don't desreve to be talked down like they do at time.

    Before this fibro stuff and pain pills I didn't let my girls be so rude when they talked to me but some how when your always feeling sick and in pain and they don't bleive in what your telling them and they mouth off I just walk away from it before I say someting that I should not say to them.

    I am working on telling them if they want to speak with me that they must speak to me in a respctul tone of voice. I don't want them to be rude or mean when they talk to me. And I hvae been telling them that more andmore. My youngest is better about it she does not believe that I have fibro but she says "I know that your in alot of pain mommy" { she is 20 and has a 4 month old son} She is always respectfull to me and talks to me and believes taht I do have pain adn that I should take some ting for it but maybe not so much of it so I don't sleep all day long. I have tried to explian that the fibro makes you tired all the time and sleepy and fatiqued so bad taht as soon as you sit down your eyes colse. And she trys to understand it she is better because of having her baby and having his daddy not be able to get up at night to feed him { she is nursing him still} so she gets really tired and her hubby will gripe at her about the h ouse not being clean and she tells me to clean it as she is taking care of the baby, they are working out what to do in their marriage to work together on things

    The found out that dateing and being married are differnt things . This has helped her to understand me and how I feel.

    I will keep on talking with my older girls about how they speak in that tone of voice to me. I speak with respect to them and I want them to do the same for me.

    Thank you for the support in telling me that I am worth something I have just been so stressed and worried aboaut the husband and this wedding that is here in in about 2 weeks. Just to much to deal with. And of course I have to trip and fall and pull the ligiments and tendons and muscles in my shoulder, it is really causing me a great deal of pain right now so I am using my meds like I should be.
    So thanks for the caring and support that you all give to me. I can't tell you how much it means to me to have someone care about me when they have never even met me.

    HUGs to all of you, LOve Rosemarie

  3. kbak

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    I'm sorry your going through such a hard time!!

    I sure hope things get better for you real soon. This dang disorder can be too frustrating at times.
  4. JLH

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    You've got a lot on your plate now, honey.

    Please take care of yourself so you can have a speedy recovery. I wish you well.

    Take care,

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