Thanks for your input regarding loving a FMS sufferer

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    To all of you who answered my posted question about loving a fibro sufferer on 8/26 THANKS!
    As I read each of the answers (all consistant with one another) I was both encouraged and gaining courage (at least after I wiped the tears away)! I am afraid of what the future holds for my loved one but I believe I can make a huge difference. You may have noticed my e-mail address is 'footmassager', that's because I am learning about reflexology and when I rub and massage her, especially feet and calves it helps immensely. Since I am in the early stages of love with her, I love touching her and carressing her so these are easy things to do, even exciting things to do. I am not so naive as to believe I will have this same desire two, four or six years into marriage on an everyday basis. I have made the commitment to her that I will spend at least five minutes every morning rubbing her feet and calves and she is elated with even such a small commitment, seems like she never has had anyone really understand and believe her, I guess many of you deal with the unbelief. It's sad, but I would have never understood and probably not have been as sympothetic towards those with FMS having not known her and the problems she deals with, all fms sufferers deal with. I only hope I can convince her of the sincerity of my love for better or for worse. We are not at the point in our relationship of discussing marriage yet. But, now I know my decision will not be based on FMS, my decision will be based on love, compatibility, and all the other reasons people get married. I believe I have all the answers I need and I again thank each of you for your input.

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    Alan, and I do wish you both the very best of everything.

    Hopefully there will be a cure for this illness in the near future.

    Take care, and sincerely, God Bless.........

    Shalom, Shirl