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  1. Jannie

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    Laurie,Celina,Fibrorebel,Nalalys,Lauren,Kar1953[Kathi],CelticLadee,Catlady912[Janice] many thanks for your messages,also everyone else that puts material on the board,each and every one,it gives us all something,certainly cheers me up!Pain-sickness-tiredness,in places in our bodies that we did not even notice before,we all suffer,sometimes more, sometimes less,but never without,it`s always there!Every day some one this board are at their worst,i hope that they are soon through the ordeal,but i`m sure like me they gain comfort from everyone on this board.LUV TO YOU ALL,JOHN
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    We`re all in this together,- some worse than others as you say.

    This board is such a comfort, and what fantastic people we have, the knowledge here is just phenomenal.(Just had to look that up to spell). Can`t go the day without going on here!

    Take care,

    Love Pat.