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    I've been off the board for a while. Got a lot going on in my life(play the fiddle please)haha. DH got 5 days off w/o pay, dr overmedicated him with Effexor started at 75 mg, when he conplained about not being able to sleep at night and falling asleep in the day time they RAISED the dose to 150mg. Oh, btw he has been taking xanax since 1984, and was taking that along with the Effexor.. This is Dr..Duh's fault..The pain meds I'm on make me sick on my stomach..even with food.. DR answer to that is " you'll get use to it" I've lost more time from work these past 3 months than in the past 3 years.. I can take a lot of pain.. I broke a shoulder bone in 89 and never confirmed it till 2001. I didn't go to the dr. or take pain meds then I just put up with the pain. It got better.. Fibropain isn't the same!! And you get so tired trying to fight the pain so you can "Keep going".. even my boss said I need to get on disability!!But how do you do that when you have bills to pay???
    any how it was good to hear from all you light hearted people. thanks for your prayers , you will be in mine also
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    With disability you learn to make do. It helps if you have some money stashed away, but a monthly stipend is a choice better than none. When I resigned from my job it was because i just could not show up anymore. Sad, but true.
    Yes, prayers are sent and you're right: this is a nice light hearted group who do much good for each other. I know it is true for me.