Thanks friends.

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    It is so amazing how we can talk on this board and help each other so much when we have never met. All the replies from all of you have helped me so much. Dale was much better for a few days. He didn't have a very good night last night and day today but not near as bad as others. Continue to remember us. I pray for you all.

    Also, my mom has had heart trouble for years. Last Thursday night, she had a pretty bad spell and Dad called the ambulance. The doctors don't think from her blood work that she had a heart attack but was possibly on the verge of one. The dr. wanted to keep her a few days but she and dad talked him into letting her go home yesterday because she had an appointment to have a cataract removed this morning. She was too sick to go have that done and has been in bed all day. She is to go back the day after Christmas and they will do a nuclear stress tests to see what it will show. They are using a different dr. The one she has used for years just has aabout decided he doesn't know what else to try. Anyway, pray for her.

    Also, remember us on January 1, because we fly to Mayo Clinic for a check up for Dale.

    Paula, the Dr. in Jonesboro prescribed some medication to try on Dale but the Dr. in Mayo didn't want us to right now.

    Thanks, again, I thank God for all my new "friends" Love, Revella
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    I continue to pray for you and Dale, and now your mother.

    Im glad to hear you have and appointment at the Mayo clinic. I hope they help Dale. I would have to side with you on the medication advice from there.How far is that from your home? It sounds like Dale needs constant treatment. I hope there is something they can do for him. I hate to see you all suffer so much. Again I pray for you and Dale and your parents.