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    To my friends,
    thanks you so much for your posts and caring. I will take the advice and appreciate the time you took to write. I wish my friend Linda and Mother understood like all of you cause we all are going thru it.

    I am stressed over him getting this job cause he has had so many intervews, tests, and one job 4 interviews only to be told it was so close you and another person but the other person has more exp.I found that to be hard to believe as he has over 18 years and started when he was 18. but hey I am just telling him that he has to today and tommorow and I am trying to help him study.

    Its hard for me as I've been out of college since 90 & I working full time at the same time. I probably would not be able to pass a test with the brain fog but thnx you for your best wishes and I hope to write asap when he tells me the good news. Trying to be positive.

    Thank you all for being my friends, it hurts when a friend since 15 cannot get it and then thinks I am pushing her away cause I can't go out and like I said earlier post, I have decided not to respond to her cause all she did was upset me cause she can't understand, I wish I could let her feel what its like to be bedridden and in this horrible pain and I bet she might then understand. I am also in a bad flare like so many of you and I am trying to help hubby cause he needs help its a tough test like one part is 125 multiple choice and only 5 minutes . Is that insane or what? WEll my love to you all and many thnx.

    your friend,


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