Thanks, I FEEL better!

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    WOW!!! Thanks to all. I truely feel better almost lighter than I had before. As far as my pain clinic goes, my doc. has me on methadone,neurontin,celebrex for pain. Inderal for chronic headaches. Effexor xr for depression(which I stopped after 1 pill when I read horror stories from another mess. board). I take numerous vitamins on my own. I've been on the celebrex for about 4 yrs. now and was up to 400mg daily until I ended up w/ lots of tummy trouble. Now they have me down to 100mg daily. I think it was helping more than I thought. The neurontin was making my CFS unbearable so they decreased that too. The methadone(heavy narcotic) just makes it so I don't have to lay in bed all day. I have PT can't do much it really flares things up for me. OT helps me do things around the house. I see a phyc. doc. for the depression. A nurse who helps me understand the program. I cried so hard at my last appt. w/ her. I think they finally see just how hard this is for me to accept at my age. After the birth of my last child(7 yrs. ago) is when I started to notice something was'nt right w/ my body. I've had numerous cyst problems on my overies ( my last being the size of a volleyball).I had endomitriosis( hysterectomoy 2yrs. ago). I've had 9 surgeries in the last 5 yrs. 7 of them being major. Been in 4 major car accidents(none of them my fault). In the last 7 yrs. I've been to more doc.s than I can count and I'm certain that's not over. On top of this my youngest boy has autisim/PDD and ADHD. WOW did that feel good!!! Sorry about that I could'nt stop myself. I guess I needed to talk to someone, needed to get some of that off my shoulders. It is gonna be a great day. I've not had one of those in a long while. Sorry this is so long, I do love to write. Thanks so much for lifting my load. Hugs to you all, Angel P.S. Until now I thought I was suffering from alzheimer's. I feel better knowing it's just fibro-fog.
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    I see you too have been down a long Rough road due to these Syndromes and I have been there and back a few times myself.
    I'm in a Flare right now, the weather is turning nasty for Ca. and it always makes me Hurt more than I normaly do.

    My Bro-I-L, is on Methadone for Pain also. He says it helps him so he can Play his drums. he had a Roof beam in his Barn fall on him. He's had numerous surgery's and still has a lot of pain. Then on top of that, he's married to my younger sister who also has FMS. She had a Cyst that was the size of a Baskeball, they didn't know it till they did the Surgery. She's heavy set and just thought it was all tummy, nope. It's rough when both partners have disabilities. They live in Oregon, it's too cold for me there.

    I have another Sister who's son has ADHD, he's grown now, but I thought none of us would live through His childhood. She has FMS and other co-exisiting condition's. In fact my whole family has FMS and other Health problems, we are such a healthy lot, lol.

    Welcome aboard, sorry to meet you under these conditions, but this is the Place to be for Support and Information, plus you'll probably make a Few Friends who won't mind you having a Venting now and then.

    For Fun and Jokes, we have a ChitChat board, it's not a live chat, they type ti fast for me, it's just another board like this, but we goof off over there.
    Just click on message Boards, it's the middle box at the top, and it'll give you a menu of our various boards.

    Welcome and God Bless you,

    If I misspell a word or 4, don't mind me, I can't spell since the FMS. Love the Fibro Fog, put my Glasses in the Freezer this am, glad I found them, by accident of course, but still it was before they Broke.