Thanks Iamaqt and hello to everyone else too.

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    Appreciate you explaining the "bump" to me. Will try again another time.I have yet to work out time differences between Oz' and the USA to know exactly when anyone is on line. Am limited to when I can use my computer also because of my husbands work and all his phone calls. Doesn't matter as I can catch up eventually. To save me writing again perhaps people can look back at my -"Thanks for the welcome message". If not I will ask my question again soon. From just looking at this board each day, I feel so much better about dealing with this DD, but "gee", the messages move so quickly. Is good, but takes some keeping up to. Saw the question about diabetes readings. As I am diabetic can tell you the ideal is between 4mml and 7mml. Readings will be higher 2 hours after eating. Have just had the 3 monthly HBic test and averaged 5.1 which Dr was very pleased about. So was I.Will have a look at the Diabetic Board too and see what I can learn. Am interested that many appear to have some sort of a sugar problem and MVP which I also have.
    Look after youselves and hope everyone has a better year. Love Ozgran.
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    So glad you've joined us! I talked to you the other night. Don't know much about the diabetic thing although my husband deals with it. He pokes himself every day to check his levels. He handles it with pills, no injections.

    You might want to check out our chitchat board. We get wild and crazy over there! I'm warning you! Actually we have a lot of fun and put usually put our symptoms behind us..or we talk about them and get really gross! Very pleased you're hanging around...Jo Ellen