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    Thank you so much for the info you gave me. I called Judith & she is awsome. She gave me a lot of info & I am really excited about learning more & getting better. This OLD life sucks & I am ready for a new one!! Maybe you would be interested too. Are you in daily pain? Do you take pain meds too? Judith also told me about a Dr. in Richardson. Dr. Anne Coleman. She is an Internest & knows a lot about Fibromyalgia, but likes to use a more natural treatment plan. Since I am so tired of taking all these meds, I am really excited to try it. I am in process of changing my insurance plan, so I will have to wait until my new one kicks in to make my appointment.
    Judith also told me about an accupunturist in Plano. I can't wait till I can get started.
    Thanks again,

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