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    Dear Knackered
    I want to thank you for reply I do have fibro The doc
    I see is in pain management He confuses me he states
    he knows fibro yet tells me never to expect anything for
    pain and the sleeping issue he yells that i cannot sleep
    Go figure??? I have been seeing a doctor who does
    osteopathic manipulation use to be a family practice dr
    He has compassion and is trying to help Says I must take
    Ambien to help with stAge 4 sleep I am going to take his
    advise but I am afraid that I will become dependentI also
    have thyroiditis right now and was told by my docs that
    That may be contributing to sleep problem> Anyone who
    has ffibro knows about the frustration on no sleep What I
    want to know is sleeping issue ever resolved or do you
    have to use something forever Bless you for your help
    and kind reply I am frustrated with this condition A
    rheumatologist I saw said he was glad I had nothing
    very serioous but having fibro is devastating to the
    person I once was Thanks for hearing me out Love Joanna

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