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    your reply to my other post RE: oxy and hydrocodone.

    The reason I'm asking about the difference is that the Lortab is not doing much for the pain, and in addition, is upsetting my stomach a lot.

    I overdid things this weekend, as I knew I probably would end up doing, even though I tried to pace myself and even took a nap yesterday afternoon. Late last night as we were trying to make our way back to my sister's place, I just couldn't walk any more and ended up in tears. Taking the Lortab every 4 or 5 hours didn't help me much and made me pretty nauseous. Yesterday morning I honestly could barely move and I took 2 of the Lortab at once and spent the next 5 hours trying to keep it down.

    I just saw pictures of what I look like (from this weekend), and my face looks like I've aged 10 years, and as much as I've tried to fight this, I have this *frozen in pain* look about me, which I am finding upsetting.

    I have a Dr's appt in 2-1/2 weeks and I want to talk to him about trying something else for pain. That's why I was wondering what the difference was. There has got to be something I can take that won't make me so nauseous, and will do a little more than just take the edge off. I am starting to feel beaten down from all of this, even though I'm trying so hard not to let it win.

    Is it appropriate for me to ask the doc to switch me from Lortab, to, say, something like Percocet? Or do you have a suggestion for me?

    Thanks again.....

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    for madwolf again....advice please?
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    Madwolf. I will do just that.