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    Dear Madwolf,

    Thank you for the encouragement in regard to the new try at sleep medication. My doctor started me on low dose Doxepin, low dose Klonopin and magnesium at bedtime last Tuesday and kept the Oxycontin (that evil drug that will make slobbering addicts out of all who take it) at the same level.

    The first night I slept for 12!!! hours. Almost scared my son to death. I usually roam the house at night and he thought I had died in my sleep. But I hadn't slept for so long that I was desparate and my body was so wired, that when I did relax long enough, I stayed asleep.

    Anyway, I have averaged 8-10 hours per night since. Yesterday, I went to a friend's house and stayed several hours past the time for my pain medication. It was the first time in a while that I had felt even remotely like going out and my pain level was so low that I felt almost completely normal (knock on wood). When I got home, it was bedtime and I got my meds together to take. That's when I realized that I had skipped my 1400 dose of pain medication. I had noticed earlier in the evening that my legs were "talking" to me and that my hands and feet were colder than they had been during the week. Nothing really bad, but I have a relatively high tolerance for pain so I tend to underestimate what level of pain I am feeling.

    But I thought it was interesting that I had forgotten a dose and laughed, because I'm such a poor "drug addict" and "crave" them so much that I forgot a dose.

    But you were right about the new medications. Benzodiazines and antidepressants have a paradoxical effect on me if given separately in that I get wider awake if possible. And the more and longer awake I am, the more my brain feels like it's been "short circuited". I "hear" buzzing sounds inside my head and in a totally quiet and dark room, I can hear myself thinking. It's almost like not being able to shut off a TV or a computer caught in a loop. Whatever the combination of the two meds with a supplement does, it works....or at least it has the longest of anything else I've tried, short of being "rocked" to sleep. ;-)

    Anyway, I feel like I can at least maybe get enough of a grip on this that the stress of my husband being gone won't cause so many problems. The stress is still there, but maybe now I'll be able to handle it better.

    Everyone on this message board has been so supportive and helpful that I don't feel quite as alone as I usually do when he's gone. FMS is like a double edged sword...we have it and so many don't believe in it so they don't understand. Houston is not a military town, so most people don't understand what havoc it can play in your life.

    My biggest supporter is gone, but on this board are many people that I can relate to for many different reasons. Medical people, military people and of course let's not forget the lovely things that keep us together...FMS, CFIDS and the whole package (or should that be baggage) that comes with them.

    Thank you again, Madwolf for your letter of validation of a new (for me) treatment to try and thanks to everyone for their much needed moral support.

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    To all of you,

    Thanks so much for caring. I know there will still be ups and downs, but I'm so enjoying the up right now that a good night's sleep can bring.

    And you're right, Madwolf, I love the Navy lingo too and really miss it, but mostly I miss my "sailor". ;-)

    Love to you, Carla and everyone else,