Thanks Mikie..I had looked on every bottle except for the ZMA

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    I feel so much better knowing that I had read it somewhere! I will take Calcium at an earlier time. So strange though because I have 2 different bottles of CAlcium,magnesiium,and Zinc together that would seem to say it was ok....I'll just stick with my guai,take my coral calcium,b-12,and my ZMA and hope they all work and do what I want them to. I am still anticipating a good day! I did back off to 1200 for 2 weeks and then went back to 1800. There sure are alot of ?s regarding guai on this board .....I am so thankful for you and the others who have walked the road before us who are just starting out and can give us hope. No quick cure,like I suppose some want,but a daily walking it out knowing that you are getting better even if it isn't happening as quickly as we all want.As always please know how appreciated you are!!!!!Kathleen
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    Thank you for such sweet and kind words. I realize that the Guai treatment doesn't work for everyone and that some people really have a hard time getting the dose just right. This can get very discouraging in the beginning and I think many have given up too soon. I am so happy to have been on the treatment almost two years and to have made so much progress because it gives others the courage to stay the course.

    The only thing I can think of with the ZMA is that when we do not take the calcium with the magnesium, more magnesium is available for muscle repair and sleep. I do think it's important to supplement with the calcium during the day. The best time to do this is with meals as the calcium will cause excess phosphates, which are attracted to the calcium, to be excreted through the intestines. This will help speed up the process of pulling the phosphate debris out of our bodies and give the Guai treatment a boost. It also helps alleviate the workload on the kidneys by eliminating the debris through the intestines.

    Love, Mikie