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    That's twice in 2 days you've suggested Klonopin to me for different reasons in separate posts- the universe is trying to tell me something:)

  2. Mikie

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    When nothing else worked to help me get quality sleep, Klonopin came to the rescue quite by accident. I started taking it for anxiety, but after reading Dr. Cheney's article, I realized that a whole bunch of our problems stem from our slight seizure state. This article was the first thing which made sense to explain muscle spasms and tics, RLS, sensory overload, anxiety/panic attacks, tinnitus, and inability to sleep.

    I always tell people that I've read posts here from people for whom the Klonopin did not work. Same with Neurontin. There have also been a lot of people who have been helped by these drugs. Docs seem to like Neurontin more than Klonopin for some unknown reason. I believe it is more difficult to get to the right dose with the Neurontin as people seem to build a tolerance fairly fast. Many stay on the same dose of Klonopin for years.

    Klonopin is not "addictive" as some people, and even docs, seem to believe. You can develop a physical dependence on it and if you ever need to stop taking it, you must wean very slowly off of it.

    Good luck if you decide to try the Klonopin. Print out Dr. Cheney's article if you need it for your doc. Mine was very grateful to get it.

    Love, Mikie