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    I posted earlier about my Rhuemy wanting me to take a 2-day "drug holiday" from Lorcet b/c it had stopped working. I was in sooooo much pain earlier today didn't think I was gonna last 2 days. Your suggestion about taking another type of pain med prompted me to take some Ultracet rx'd by my Ortho. dr. until I was put on Flexeril, then I was told not to take Ultracet w/Flex. (now I can't take Flex b/c I'm taking Klonopin . . . the drug merry-go-round). Anyway, the Ultra. totally took the edge off. I had a busy a.m., came home @ 12:30, was desperate, took the Ultracet & a 2 hr. nap . . . Thank, God it worked.

    (BTW is Ultracet a codiene derivative . . . I'm supposedly allergic to codiene. But, my dr. knew this when he rx'd the drug. I've had no problem w/it.)

    Thanks again. I didn't realize I could take a diff. kind of pain med. while on the "holiday" from Lorcet.

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