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    I was reading your post to Jennyfuzzy and I want to tell how much I enjoyed your comments.

    I hope you don't mind if I comment on what you said as it really hit home for me. A few years ago I was sent to a therapy class for relaxation. The therapist wanted us to tighten and relax our muscles so we could learn to relax our tense bodies and therefore be in less pain. The class was for all kinds of chronic pain.

    Your comment to Jennyfuzzy was "If you are given exercises to do, be very wary of the ones where you tense a muscle then relax it. I find that my muscles will not relax again after being tensed, at least not fully. So many of the exercises I have been given by physiotherapists actually make my pain worse."

    I only went to 3 of these 'relaxation' classes before I had to quit. We were asked to lie on the floor on hard exercise mats with a pillow under our head and then the instructor would tell us to tense and then relax our muscles starting at our toes and working up. When I left the class I felt worse than I went in with a pounding headache and in so much pain from lying on the hard mats.
    I thought I was the only one who couldn't do this stuff!

    The other thing you said was don't feel you have to "justify yourself". This is something that I still working on but getting better everyday. Your self esteem really takes a kicking when you feel ill all the time and nobody believes you. Even after I got a diagnosis of FM I still felt I had to justify myself. Explain to people why I was sick, why I couldn't work, why I couldn't volunteer for school functions and on and on. I am learning to stop doing that.

    One of the best things I did for myself was to search out other people on the internet and in a local support group who understand what this DD is about. Finding out that I wasn't alone, that other people have this DD and they understand how I feel has really helped.

    So thanks Prickles and everyone else who has taken the time to answer my posts on this site.

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)
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    I have been here lurking for a while, lol. I used to be a very active visitor to the chat site, though not as much lately. Some of the older members will maybe recognize my name.

    When someone asks me How are you? I have the same problem with answering I am fine because often I am really not fine. It feels like a lie but as you have said most people really don't want to know. If I think the person actually cares I might say "today is a good day" or "I am here" if its not.

    The relaxation class was a disaster but it was before I was dx'd and I was being treated for Anxiety. I was sure that it was more than just anxiety but hadn't persuaded a doctor yet.

    hugs Marion (Redwillow)