Thanks,(replies basic? for New Dr.)WENT,CORNBREAD.

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  1. eeyore57

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    Thanks guys for your response to my ? about ?? for new Dr. I went to appt. on wed.,9-14. I composed a list of ?? from ya'lls suggestions, (yeah,I hear some of ya' chuckling cause, yes, I did say..... YA'LL......, hey I'm from OK. and Tx.--land of cornbread and armadillas, O.U. and Dallas Cowboys!-----Yeah, my daughter's father(A.K.S. sperm doner), who by the way has thankfully been history for yrs, is from Maine and he didn't have nice things to say about cornbread OR Dallas Cowboys either.....but he's been in Tx. over 20 yrs and wont leave!!! He's too busy eating cornbread WHILE watching the"Cowboys games!!! Ever heard "MY ex's Live in TX." Well I married my husband 8 yrs ago and we came back to OK. 6 yrs ago as my family's here...........EATIN' CORNBREAD AND WATCHING "THE COWBOYS"!!!!!!!! And my husband makes 'THE BEST' cornbread...and it's okay that the Cowboys have had a few 'down'yrs,...So have I, and hubby hasn't given up on me either!!!!! That's (just one) reason He's My superbowl champ....God love him!!!) Anyway, ya'll', I was able to ask Dr. a few of the ??, but not near ALL in one visit! I referred to him in post as new Dr., which he is, but that was my 2nd visit to him, 1rst visit to him was when, after 5 yrs, I got ,(FINALLY) a DX of CFIDS. He's the 1rst Dr. I've seen the 5 yrs of illness that had a clue about the disease and didn't instantly refer me to a Phsyc. Dr.! To what extent he's studied it, or treated it I'm not yet sure,..but at least he acknowledges it!!! That's farther then any other Dr. has gotten me!!! He is looking for a neurologist to send me to for starters, for some testing and opinion,...he recommended some pretty strict bedrest for undetermined amount of time, except wants me to try to walk for 15 minutes-3 times per wk. in a controlled envirement,(said start with 5 min. and build up if needed, to remain on current meds for now,(which are for numereous symptoms,antidepressants,meds for sleep,several are for digestion problems,for tachycardia,anxiety,etc., All prescibed previuosly Mostly by my phsych Dr. and Gastro Dr.,he suggested a nutretional supplement. He changhed and increased a med for the headaches,neck, and shoulder pain. His primary concern this visit was the horrificness of my skin lesions,as my entire upper torso, front and back,..and arms are covered in them!!! Not only am I some kind of miserable, there's danger of infection, so he put me on antibiotic, another med to help comfort itching,etc., and a topical steriodal creme,..and made me an appt. with a dermatologist for Sept. 30. There is just SOOOOOO much to cover, guess it will just take time and many more appt.s! So I need your,(excuse me!) YA'LLS opinion!!!!!!!!!Do you think he's on the right track SO far??! (oh, he's an internal med doc,..someone asked me that.) Please let me know what you think ,....and where I should go from here with him.......OOOOPS---that didn't sound right did it!!!! Ya'll know what I mean...........ON NEXT DR> VISIT!!! I still have the ongoing ?? list,and will add any new suggestins to it!! THANKS BUNCHES!!!!
    I'm huuungry!!.. so think I'll go have my supplement now--------PIZZA!!!!!
    PS. On my brother's behalf,---He hates the "Cowboys!!!(He's Green Bay all the way!!--Cheeseheads!! He has one of those too!!!!LOL) ((( Forgot to put in my profile I'm a female football fan......when games are on my girlfriends go to the mall..I stay home,break out chips and dip, and turn up the surround sound!!!And tell them to bring me somethin' from the sports shop!! Another known fact, I don't answer the phone while into a game either!!!They think I'm nuts!!! Well,not much arguement there........BUT now I have a Dr.s excuse!!!!!!))) The football's all my brother's fault!!!We only had 1 T.V. growing up(as referred to by 17 yr daughter---back in the day!!!), and that's all he'd let me watch when we were little!!! He's 4 yrs older,was bigger, what was I going to say about it...........Nooooooooooo!!!!!
    PSS. I'll be on some today ,it's 3:30 a.m., but won't be on 'puter tonight!!! Know why??!! I'll be watchin' the Dallas Cowboy game and EATIN' CONEBREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bye YA'LL!!
  2. texasmaia

    texasmaia New Member

    Sounds like a good combination to me.

    Don't know anything about your new doc and the direction he is going but wanted to say 'Hey' to a fellow Texas!

  3. eeyore57

    eeyore57 New Member

    Maia?, COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have more than a disease in common!!!!! WE need to stay in touch! I MISS TX.!You should see if my personal email is available on here! I'm new to computer, son just got me this one a few wks ago,,yeah I'm still learning. He works on the road and isn't here, 17yr old daughter has NO patience,husband trying his best but I'm wearin' him out sometimes....other times I wear out first,...and so it goes! But I just keep gettin' back on and wanderin' around,...sometimes I get somewhere.... sometimes I don't!!!! ALOT like what this disease does to our worlds,hu??! ha!
    So are you a big Cowboy fan??! If so, you already know thier game is on @8 tonite,...and that tonite they'll be putting "The Triplets", Troy Aikman,Emmit Smith, and Michael Irvin in the 'Ring of Honor'! That should be fun!!!
    I got to meet(briefly) Troy and Alvin Harper at a bar in dallas once--they were giving a televised interview and I was going thru chemo for breast cancer at the time(got my treatment for 3 1/2 yrs at Arlington Cancer Center,..heard of it??),anyway some friends and another cancer buddy of mine sat it up as a suprise for me,.. and we got to sit at alvin Harper's table!!!!! It was really awesome!!!
    And 2 birthdays ago my husband bought me an autograghed helmit of Little Emmit's! It's my pride and joy in my memorabilia?(brain fog settin' in) Cabinet!!! Anyway'yeah I'm a Cowboy nut! you can't live 15 min. from Tx. Stadium for 19 yrs and NOT be!!You'll get carried out of town on somebodys back,know what I mean??!! Well, I got to talkin' Tx. and Cowboys,... have rambled on til fatigue and brain fog have set in, so gonna have to give the computer AND my brain a rest!!!!!!!!!!Have been on for 12 hrs. now! Geez, didn't realize it been that long!!! No wonder I'm brain fogged! Was nice chatting about the "Boys" though1 Let me know if you find my email address AND how you do that!! LATER! Cindy PS> Anybodyelse want in on the Cowboys and Cornbread???!!!
  4. eeyore57

    eeyore57 New Member

    LOL<>>>LOL>>>>STILL LOL!!!!!!

    THAT WAS GREAT!!!!!! I'll tell my brother,..He'll appreciate that!!!!! I GOT A BIG KICK OUT OF THAT! LOL!___
    Yeah,we have a 'hoot' harassing each other about our teams! and when the 2 play each other...OH< WHAT A NITE!!!
    AS FOR THE TEAMS, think Parcell's has got us one this yr.!! Not sure 'bout you guys though!ha!
    AS FOR GETTING YOUR GRANDSON TO SWITCH,...Forgeeetaboutit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Think after this season, and next, his decision will be carved in STONE!!!!!!! Tell him 'Cindy' (eeyore57) said,
    HOW "BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!
  5. texasmaia

    texasmaia New Member

    Try being a Cowboy fan and living in Denver!! Now that'll get ya killed! My sister and all the family that live in Denver are LOYAL! It can get interesting.

    I used to be a big big football fan, but have really gotten out of the loop the last ten years. Hope you enjoy the game tonight, Cindy!


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