Thanks, Scoobsmom....wish

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    our two states weren't so far apart! Unfortunately, I'm not anywhere near Ohio.

    How very perceptive of you to ask about church. This is something I haven't shared with the others..... A few years ago when it was discovered that my now adult child had a serious problem, the church we were attending turned its back on both of us, so I have been un-churched all this time and my adult child has since become an agnostic. Please pray for my child!

    I would love to find a good Bible-believing church with people who don't turn up their noses at people who are struggling. Although I have prayed about it for a long time, I have just about given up on it.

    The job continues to be unbelievably stressful, but at least I'm back to praying. Thank you for you very kind and sensitive posting. If there's anything you would like me to pray about, please don't hesitate.

    God's blessings and hugs to you, too!