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    My husband and I had a chat the other evening and cleared up a lot. I know it is hard on him me hardly ever being well. He worked shift work for 32 years. I never saw him and had to rear the children on my own. He worked week-end, bank holidays and even Christmas. I knew it was going to be hard I waas going to have someone here all day and night. I have my hobby of Art and he does Model Ships.We both enjoy reading. He hates eating out which means I really get out for a meal. He has promised to take me out to lunch now once a week. We both have been under a lot of stress lately as we had to take our next door neighbour to court. We want to move to a single story residence as the house is too big for us now. We are also missing our only son in Australia. Our two daughters are different, I do not know if their being adopted has anything to do with it. Jack is not even though they were all loved the same.

    We are also going away in March to Spain for.a week.

    Thanks again for your prayers,
    Love Mary
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    Thanks for letting us know how things are working out. My kids went to Spain last spring and they loved it. Maybe it will be a wonderful time for you two to get reacquainted. It's great that he is willing to go out to eat because you enjoy it. Sounds to me as though there is some love there.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mary, thanks for letting us know that you and hubby talked it out some. Its inspiring. I think I too will try the same, see what happens.

    God Bless, Sunshyne
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    Your post may be an inspiration to a lot of people here. I am so happy that you and your husband are making a great effort to understand one anothers needs, and resolved some of your problems.

    Silence sometimes causes more trouble than speaking your mind and getting things out in the open.

    That holiday in Spain sounds wonderful, what a beautiful country that is.

    If I was to ever travel it would be to Ireland, right where you are :)
    Your country is so very rich in history, and its so beautiful from what I read and see on the tv. Plus I have never met an Irishman I didn't like, that includes Mikie !!

    God bless, and enjoy your life!

    Shalom, Shirl

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