thanks so much, got my blood test results...

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    thanks to whoever replied to my post a couple of weeks ago and told me to immediately get my iron levels checked. i got it done this week, and my iron level is 10 (very low), and ferritin level is 583(very high). I'm now getting on an iron tablet. The school nurse here at my work told me that if it's any lower, i could suddenly have a heart attack without warning. So, thank you for telling me to get it checked out!!!! This bloodwork explains alot about how I've been feeling lately (crappy all over!!!). My white blood count is high, and other levels are either high or low. Hopefully it's all because of my low iron. I'm to stay on the iron tablets for a month and then get it all rechecked. The school nurse also told me to take my iron with orange juice so that it will absorb better, and will prevent me from getting constipated. Has anyone else heard of taking iron this way??
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