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  1. caffey

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    It is Sun. evening. I am still waiting for a hospital bed. We are hoping it will be tommorrow. The hold up is my rheumatologist didn't want me to go through emerg and lie there for days. They don't do tests on the weekend unless it is an emerg. So I am praying it will be tommorrow. Thank you all so much for all your prayers and concerns. They have certainly gotten me through this week. I have never felt so loved and accepted and safe as I have this week hearing about your posts. You are all truly special and I love you all very much. May God Bless you all for what you have done. I will have someone post to you all and keep you updated. I want to mention names but I don't want to leave someone out. Thank you for your faithfulness during this difficult time.
    Love ya more than you will ever know.
  2. windblade

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    Hope you will get your hospital bed tomorrow! I haven't had the energy to write, but you have been so strongly on my heart, and in my thoughts. And I have been sending up prayers for you, everytime you came to mind.

    We all will keep sending our love to you, and praying for all doctor's decisions for you.

    With much love,
  3. morningsonshine

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    Praying for everything to go smooth for you today. So glad to hear from you, do not worry about posting to each of us individually.

    That would wear you out. Just know we are all praying. May you continue to have peace in your heart, In Jesus's name.

  4. bandwoman

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    Since we all had such a great time at your birthday party why not invite us up for a waiting to go to the hosptial party.

    We could all wear those hospital gowns with the back out, (you know the kind) in your honor.

    I'm game, anyone else. Take care and know that we are praying for you. You have a lot of love and support here, rest in that as you are staring at the ceiling this next week.

    Love ya,
  5. Asatrump

    Asatrump New Member

    I have prayed for you today, hope that waiting is not an option.

    I'll join bandwoman in a hospital party... I'll take the gown in the 2X size and put helium balloons attached to the ties in back. lol
  6. caffey

    caffey New Member

    Your options are:
    1.solid blue print
    3.yellow paper (isolation gowns) paper gowns ( doctors office)
    some are full length some are half length
    So please send me your sizes lol.
    Because of our demographics the menu will be rice, rice and rice and broccoli and broccoli and broccoli. If we are really lucky we will get a banana.
    Pepper will you bring nanimo bars. Our friends here don't know what they are. I like asa trumps idea of the balloons. We could use the wall oxygen to blow them
    I just talked to my girlfriend and she said we should take turns standing in line to be registered and when they get 2 ahead then call me I will come down. What do you think?
    Thanks for making me laugh. Oh yeah Mon. pm. and still waiting.
  7. Asatrump

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    I recall being embarrased in the GYN one day putting on a blue paper gown, they came with a white thing to tie around your waist. Yeah, if you are a size 2 !!

    I will bring my craft project and somebody else can do the decopage stuff as it ruins my acrylic nails.

    1. take wooden eggs
    2. paint them white
    3. cut out flowers etc. from either wrapping paper or two ply napkins, separate and use only the top ply.
    4. decopage them to the eggs, can over lap for a solid design. best to do parts and let dry
    5. when the entire egg is covered and dry, add another layer of decopage and sprinkle with clear glitter.
    6. place in a real pretty basket and guarantee they will outlast all of us.

    ok kids, who can handle scissors?
  8. 143alan

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    Oh ME ME ASA... I can handle the scissors...LOL!!
    Caffey I want the blue print gown size 3 x. The last one I had was the size of a paper towel, at least it wasnt' the select-a-size Bounty....LOL.

    I'll bring insulin syringes and we can see how many cotton balls we can get to stick to the ceiling. Or, we can play bedpan basketball. It gets really challenging using the little pill cups as the basketball.

    I'll bring cake and coffee so we'll all be on a nice caffeine and sugar high by the time they admit Caffey and we'll go with her and list that we're her sisters on a calm day.....hahahaha!!

    Everyone ready for the party?
    Love Ya Cath
  9. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Our wonderful Canadian "universal health care" system. This wait must be so difficult.

    Okay, so lets party if we have to wait. Don't you just love those little paper gowns? Yes, Asa, I have often thought the same thing - Tie this around my WAIST? You gotta be kidding!

    I'd like an extra long large blue print that opens in the back and another extra long one to put on the other way. No ties! Then I'd be covered. Unlike Asa whose helium balloons must be providing the entertainment!

    I won't forget the Nanaimo bars. Ooooohhhh! Is there any Snickers cake left over?

    Thinking of you many times all day, Cath. Praying for you to be admitted and have this all taken care of.

    Love, Judy