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    Hi there
    just wanted to tell everyone thanks for your heart warming welcomes. Its so nice to have a place to go to for understanding.
    I had a friend who stopped by for dinner today, she wanted me to pray for a soar leg she had. (she does not have fibro) which I did, and ask her if she would pray for the side effects I get from my meds. She became irate with me for taking meds in the first which I replied,"its that or jump off a bridge" I really never talk like that but I was really angry. I don't take meds because I want to, I take them to improve the quality of my life. you have to wiegh the pros and cons of the benefits versing the side effects. which is worse and which is better ect. where both Christians and she said something to the effect that she just goes to the Lord when she is not well, and not to meds. Well I do go the Lord to heal me, and I believe someday he will or at least help me through the tough times. God is the only one who knows my pain, and heals people in different ways. I also told her I refuse to feel guily because I'm not healed due to lack of faith. I'm working on it. plus its not my timing its Gods.
    I had another friend who use to be like that. she would tell me my problem was I was on too many meds... I forgive them I really do, after all were all just human, but I do get very angry at times and frustrated. thanks for listening, needed to vent.
    I pray you all get a good night sleep tonight
    God Bless
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    I am a Christian as well and my up bringing has taught me to not judge others for the things they do. If you broke your arm would you not go to the ER for help. If you had cancer would you not get cemo or radiation. What about diabatics or those with high blood pressure? God doesnt judge us for wanting to feel better. That is like saying oh I am hungry and I have food here but I think I will pray that God with fill my belly. He has provided us with the means to take care of our pain so why not use it. Taking pain meds for pain and abusing meds for a high is different. Half of us would never even make it to church every now and then if not for the use of pain meds. Some fail to realize that because they are not going through the things we are. If any one of our friends came down with CFS/FMS they would be first in line for help. Don't let them get you down. You sound like you have a great attitude about it, and you didn't say anything that I would not have said and then some. God Bless

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    Dear Lisa,

    I am also a Christian and I cannot believe a fellow Christian would tell you something like that. In fact one of our Lord's follwers was a physician. I too have prayed and asked God for a physical healing which I have not received but He did bring me a wonderful Doctor who is also a Christian after almost three years of trying to get someone to listen. I praise God for this.

    From the sound of your friends it is not us who needs healing they do from ignorance of not knowing that the Lord has a plan for all of us. Everything which happens to us is to glorify Him, and one day God will either send someone who needs your help and just think what a testimony we are going to have.

    Another thing sometimes instead of a physical healing we get a spiritual one instead which to me is the blessing we all need.

    No one should ever try and tell anyone as a Christian what or how they feel about God. This is for you and God to deal with and is no one elses business.

    Our God is an awesome God. He is a loving, merciful, kind, and compassionate God. But He is not a God of sympathy as He does not have to be, because His word says for us to "cast our burdens" on Him and He will take care of them.

    I take lots of meds too and I praise God everyday for my doctor and the meds. Remember Jesus said, "Your will be done." Jesus did nothing wrong and He was laid on the cross anyway. We all want to be like Jesus but none of us ever wants to carry the cross, take our lashes, or have nails driven in our hands. So bad things happen to good people and it does not always mean we have done something wrong. To be Christ like we must remember He went through these things. God never promised we would not have valleys,
    He promised He would help us through them. Think about poor Moses..

    Love in Christ,


  4. NewEnglander

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    God Bless you guys for your uplifting words.
    Its nice to know their are such good people out there..
  5. bluebirder

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    Even Christ according to the Bible said, "He who is whole needs not a Physican" or something like that..

    My view now is I pray hard for help, God sent the Dr. Now am I to refuse his help but keep asking for help? Doesn't make sense!

    That is like the joke of the guy who climbed higher ending up on his roof because of rising flood waters. During the different degrees of rise in water level and his fervent prayers for deliverance he sees a man on horseback offering help (turns it down because God will save him), then a boat (again turns it down citing God is going to save him) and last a hellicopter with a lift which he turns down and drowns praying. Gets to Heavens Gate and ASKS WHY DIDN'T GOD SAVE ME, I PRAYED AND WAITED FOR HELP?! He receives an answer THAT GOD SENT A HORSERIDER, BOAT AND HELLICOPTER BUT HE DIDN'T ACCEPT THE HELP!

    We pray and pray for releif...God gives us support groups, Drs, medication, canes, wheelchairs, walkers, heating pads, ice packs and common sense not to over do it and many other things suited to each of our differences.....BUT DO WE TAKE IT??? or keep calling on him while refusing what tools he gives us to help.

    Wonder how many boats passed by that lady friend!