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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by dancingnut, Nov 15, 2003.

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    Yes, I got both emails this morning. That helps. Sounds like I should just start with Immune C, most expensive, but would probably be more helpful. Does it have the general immunities in it too, though? The immunities that are in 2000? Do you know? Or would I have to take both. That could add up quick to alot of bucks, if I took both, even one alone would add up quick.

    I too, am planning a complete new protocol, via sujay's advice, the TF, bromelain, if I can tolerate it, then Doxy or silver, and blast the mycos away. This all makes sense to me alot, and gives me hope. Just want to line my ducks all up as well as I can from the start.

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    Thanks for letting me know you got the info. The way I understand it....the critters (mycoplasms) leave a residue on the inside of the blood vessels where they live. I believe this is called fibrin. The fibrin protects those bugger and doesn't let the doxy get to them. The bromelain helps to dissolve the fibrin but it kinda slow. So for best results, you would want to take the bromelain around 6 months before the doxy. I know that some people have posted that the bromelain upsets there stomach but it has not mine. Also, a doc said that we should take 2 capsules of 500mg (2400 G.D.U.) in the morning with water 1 hour before eating. So I have mine out so that I can grab two before I wake up good.

    I do believe that IMC has targeted and nontargeted immunties. I get that from the paragraph that describes it in the Prohealth catalogue. So that was the reason I bought it...otherwise I would be buying several of the others to get the same effect. I will repeat this as I have posted it before...I discovered that after awhile that if I missed a day (forgot to take it) then the 2nd day I would feel exceptionally nap. So I decided to pulse the IMC. Not take it on Sunday and Wednesday. After awhile, I decided to add TF100 since it was $22.95 and I would take one on the off IMC days. All it seemed to do was make my lymph nodes in my neck hurt. Then one day I decided to take the recommended 3 capsules. I felt great that day. I have only tried that once but tomorrow is Sunday so I will give it another try. BTW I don't take the TF 100 1 hour before meals, I just take it with my breakfast.

    I hope some of this helps keep your ducks in a row!!