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    I appreciate the info on the PTT along with were to get more info. We have r/o: HIV, some immune activating factors and still come up short, as I am neg on all. I am very intrested in the PT/PTT CFS connection, especially in light of my genetic history. It all seems very complicated and both me and my doc are scratching our heads. One thing that may not be related, is that we believe the possiblility of me having Marfans. I havent read a lot on it and prefer not to, as I am not too aware of any treatment helpful or curative for it. I do know it causes enlargment of the aorta and various other syptoms I exhibit. I prefer not to read about it until a definitive diagnosis, as we covered it briefly in med school. I just dont want to read into the symptoms and have every disorder in the book. We all know how easy the educated, but not educated enough spectrum works. We think we have whatever we study. I always say, not to get tunnel vision. I fear falling into this trap. I just need answers soon, as I am getting weaker.

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    Ace, Truly sorry to hear how much trouble you're having. I remember residency, and I worry about how you can manage to do it all, especially with all the volunteer work you do. Sometimes you have to give someone else an opportunity to lend a hand while you focus on things only you can do, like getting your health back.

    I would definitely encourage you to find the time to search everything Jelly has posted on hypercoagulation and ISAC. If you have insurance there's a good chance it will cover the panels at HEMEX. See if your doctor is comfortable researching the possibility of a variant of Anti-phospholipid Antibody Syndrome contributing to your symptoms. This is especially important with your FH of CAD. (Some RF for coagulopathy are also RF for CAD; shouldn't be a big surprise.) One of my patients spent all four years of HS in bed (except for trying to get through a week of two at the beginning of each semester); we're talking up to 23 hours a day by the time we met about 2 years ago. (His father died of an MI in his mid-thirties, so there are some parallels here.) After treating for coag disorders and mycoplasma he got out of bed, learned to pilot a plane, got a job out of state in IT, and has now decided to go to nursing school. He got his life back!

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    P.S. I'm in Family Practice. Want to share what specialty you're aiming for?
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