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    Thanks your interesting feedback. Will certainly try and alleviate these attacks.

    Whilst in Hospital, the doc did mention about little blood clots detaching from the legs (badly affected with deep varicose veins) and perhaps going into the lungs.

    It is quite incredible that there are so many of us out there with those symptoms and yet doctors are not interested. The doc did not mention panick attack to me, before he even mentioned it, I did say that I did not suffer from panick attacks. If it is, then why the oxygen saturation goes down on walking a few steps. Also, it would not happen on exertion etc.... Doctors nowadays appear to attribute a lot of symptoms to stress.

    There are some many abnomalities which docs seem to ignore somehow......

    I am not sure what your thoughts are but I have read quite a lot on panick attacks, somehow, I believe it is mostly physiological becoming psychological. It appears far to simplistic somehow to imply that a subconscious thought can cause such strong physiological effects. If that was the case, that conscious or subconscious thoughts could have such a devastating effect physiologically, then surely the reverse would work. Meaning that our desire is so strong on a conscious level to feel better and recover, then why is this not affect us on a physiological level to agreater extent? I suppose it will take years of debate and further scientific work to come to a more acceptable theory.

    Will keep you posted when and if I do get the pulmonary scan. Who knows, once more, only some mild abnomality might show. Well, take care and best wishes. Kooky
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    Kooky, if you are concerned that there could be a pulmonary incident - a blood clot, etc. They should check it out ASAP. One of the reasons they spent so long checking me over was because I had been travelling recently - in my case a 7 hour car ride during which I only got out of the car once. These blood clots aren't anything to fool around with. I got a note from an associate the other day. She has no known health problems - suddenly started feeling shortness of breath, passed out, etc. Thank heavens her husband was home and called the paramedics. In her case she had multiple blood clots, and actually flatlined twice. But she's survived by some absolute miracle. And she is only 25 :( (That's also what killed David Bloom from NBC over in the Gulf recently) So, if you have had any activity - like riding in a car for extended periods, or an airplane, etc. in recent days- then that would be an obvious concern and you should get it checked out asap.

    However, this shortness of breath I think is relatively common among people with CFS - or at least it is among people I know with the illness who've had it for any significant length of time.

    I also have suffered from panic attacks in the past. And while it is difficult to explain why - the shortness of breath to me is very different. My shortness of breath that I associate with CFS comes with a sense of exaustion, like I don't have enough energy to breath anymore.

    I do think that it can be brought on by stress. Or in some cases the absence of stress after a period of stress. If that makes sense. When I was first hit with the suggestion that my symptoms were psychological - I freaked, obviously. When instead it was suggested that some of my symptoms were brought ON by psychological stresses, I somewhat freaked but then gave it some thought. Reading about the body and our ability to handle stress in a physical sense is very intriguing. And our liver, adrenal glands, etc. roll in our ability to cope - again fascinating stuff.

    But looking at my notes not all of my breathing issues come at any point of stress in my life. Or at least none that I notice :) I sometimes joke that it's just my body's way of trying to find SOME way to force me to slow down.

    Sorry if this rambled. Brain fog is settling in rather nicely. I should write these posts off line and re-read them a few times before I post them :)

    Shannon L.