Thanks...tlayne...for putting me on your prayer list

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  1. I was reading your prayer list and came to the bottom of the list where I saw my name. Thank you for your prayers for Mom who has Alzheimers. What a thoughtful thing to do,to take the time to write and mention everyone who really need God's guidance,love, and understanding. God Bless tlayne and May the Lord Jesus Christ bless and guide you through all of your requests in your personal life and for those who mean so much to you. In Jesus name may he bless you for the truly kind and thoughtful person that you are. Again I sincerely thank you for holding Mom in your prayers. I want Mom to be around for sometime, and it is hard for me working and all to be there for her. Sometimes I am so tired and bogged down from worrying about her not eating and stress because my brother recently got laid off his job and he may not be able to hold on to his apt. for long. Please pray for him also that the Lord will guide him and strenghthen him to move him in the right direction. That the Lord will help him find employment soon. He was visiting Mom but has not been able to because he is so down with his unemployment situation. Please say a prayer for him too. Everyone on this Board thank you all immensely from the bottom of my heart and please continue to pray that Mom has strength not to give up and continue to eat. I love her so much that I don't want her to leave this earth yet. I have to close as I am crying as I type this. Thank you all and God Bless. Helena
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    It is so hard to let go. My dad died at 51 yrs old and I really didn't think that I would live thru it. It took me watching him going thru too much suffering for me to finally say, "Lord please take him home with you". Please see my post to your request for prayer, and please read mine and others post on " Do you believe in near death experiences". I think they would encourage you. I wish I could be ther to give you a hug.

    It was asatrump's idea that I post my prayer list for others to use. I did it out of nesessity because of that wonderful brain fog. asatrump is the one who thought to use it as a praying tool for others!!!!!

    Please don't give me any glory. Look how it is already blessing me.... so many, like you, have said prayers on my behalf! Glory to God the Almighty! May he hold you close to him right now! Love, Tam