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    Hi everyone! I just wanted to say THANKS! to all that helped me with my problem with my husband understanding this DD! After a huge fight and making him pack and leave home for a while he decided that he need to re-think the situation with my DD! He read a TON of material (many that was recommended from "my helpers"). He is now a changed man! Who is caring, loving and trying his best to understand! I am so thankful to all that helped me with this!

    I am currently working on my appeal for disability and was wondering if any of you have been turned down due to lack of credits? And did you later appeal this and end up receiving SSDI? (This is just one area that they are rejecting on)

    Thanks again! I will continue to pray for all and for a treatment, anything for this horrible DD! Hope everyone is as painfree as possible!


    P.S. When I asked for help with hubbie I posted under Missyh
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    Hi Missy, I was denied twice and did written appeals then had a hearing before the judge. My denials from them were based on them saying my diagnosis and symptoms did not justify my ability to not work. I had my mental health therapist, family members (even my 15 yr old son)write letters to the judge. I did have an attorney too. I recently found out that the judge approved me but I haven't seen any $ yet! I guess it can take up to 90 days for payments to kick in. Good luck!
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    According to them the credits are what you get at the end of each year based on how much $$ you made that year. For the present time you get 1 credit for every $870, but up to only 4 credits a year are issued. (I live in Tx, don't know if this is everywhere else). Then they only take the last 10 years to look at, not all the other years that you have worked! That is where I get screwed!!!

    I decided to better myself and went back to college and obtained a degree and then I also took a course in medical transcription, which is good work and pay IF you can get some one to hire a "NEWBIE" as they put it! So, in total I have almost 4 and 1/2 yrs of not working and some years where I was working part time and going to school! They are going to base everything on this! OOOOOhhhhh!!!


    Congrats!!! on your approval!!! :-}
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    If you think you have it bad, it could be worse. I have a friend who suffers from several disabling conditions and has not worked most of her adult life. When she was younger and could have qualified for SSDI her husband, a doctor, told her she didn't need to take money from the system.

    After multiple affairs on his part they are finally divorced. She cannot qualify for SSDI or SSI. She had to go back to work to have enough money to pay her taxes on her alimony. She works three hours, three days a week. It's all she can manage. Her COBRA has run out and she is uninsurable.

    If she had applied for SSDI when she was young and could have qualified she would now have Medicare and a bit of exra income to count on.