Thanks to all for responding to me!

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    I can't thank you all enough for your replies to my "hubbies embarrassed of handicapped wife" post. You all made me feel so empowered and strong and willing to take control over my own body and my treatment. As an update, so much for the made me vomit! I was so terribly dizzy and sick I couldn't function for about 12 hours. I think it helped a bit with the pain, but it wasn't worth it. Why feel less pain if I can't even stand up? But when my husband came home from work he apologized profusely for freaking out about the oxycontin and the handicapped tag too. He said, even before I told him how sick the medicine made me, that if I need the medicine then that's all that matters and I should be taking it. He said he's knows this is all his problem, and his issues in dealing with how sick I am and he doesn't know how to fix it. We talked for a long time, and he ended it by praying for me that the Lord will help my suffering! It was a really great time. It's a shame that the oxy and Ultram both made me so sick. So as for the pain i'm back to square one, but i did contact an MD who does natural healing, and i'm going to set up an appointment. But my husband has moved a bit up the understanding scale, and I'm so happy about that! Thanks again to everyone. You've all been such a blessing in my life!!