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    I hate the way the system works, because of course they won't tell us the boys name. My hubby is a bus driver and so his boss the bus director tried to find out the boys name and they won't tell him either. I am so mad. I don't understand why the boy isn't going to jail. My hubby found out yesterday afternoon that this isn't the first time this boy has done this. Well thanks again. We have reported what happened to our dog and how we thought it was odd that it was so close to our son's life being threatend. This is when I think it is a blessing that our son is autistic and has epilepsy and mentally delayed because he doesn't understand what is going on. Thanks again Pam
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    They won't tell you the name of the child who threatened you sons' life? If it were an adult, one could issue and Order of Protection or Restraining Order, couldn't the same be filed against that kid. It's all about rights for the criminal I guess.
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    Maybe if you file for a restraining order to protect your son, they will have to give you his name. This seems very unusual. If someone has threatened your son, you should be allowed to have his/her name. If it were me, I would probably make some noise until I obtained the name. You have a right to protect your family against this person. I am sorry the system is not working for you right now, hope it turns around soon. I hope you get the answers you are looking for. Kim :)
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    Does your husband know the other driver? Surely he would tell your husband who it was. Or does your husband get along with most of the kids on his route? Maybe they could tell him who is no longer in the class room. Kids talk. Someone should be willing to share this information.

    I sound like my dad now (he's 86) but what is happening to our kids? I am so afraid of what their future holds.

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    depends how on much trouble you want to stir up. Do you live in a city or a small town?

    Do you want to contact radio-tv stations, papers, etc.

    Do you want to file a suit against the school, the juvenile court, etc.?

    My mother died a few years ago. She was 86. Before she died she was discussing all the modern insanity. "We have given our country away," she said.