Thanks to all of you.

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    Thanks for all the prayers from all of you. Dale is better as far as his thinking today. He still is very tired from the past two weeks. Encephlopathy always wears him out physically. He still is having a little trouble with his back. Evidently week before last when he had the seizure he pulled his back. He is seeing the chiropractor again tomorrow so maybe that will help some more. Please continue praying!

    Shirl, thanks for the letter about your experiences with this awful disease. It's unreal how much your families experience closely align to what we have experienced. The doctors also told us that Dale's liver looked like an alcoholics liver. He drank beer just a little in the army but that was 23 years before he was diagnosed and he hadn't had any alcohol since leaving the army. He told the doctor that he didn't drink because he was a Baptist minister and the church folks and the Lord frown at preachers who do that sort of thing. They seemed to think his liver disease was possibly inherited but he has not known of anyone else in his family ever having liver problems. They call what he has non-alcoholic steato heptitas. He farmed for years so I also wonder if it may have been caused by some of the chemicals he used on the farm.

    Thanks again for the support. It helps so much to know people care.
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    Im so glad things are looking up for you and Dale. It sounds like your doing everything you can, you cant ask for more than that from yourself. You never know about the chemicals. My husband remembers as a child, living on base, the spray truck coming down the street and spraying chemicals like crazy. The kids used to run through it like they were playing in the sprinklers. I think it was DDT. I was a long time ago.

    I pray for strength for you and Dale and keep up the good work.